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Scarlett Johansson Expresses Angst Over Being Groomed and Sensualized by Hollywood

Scarlett Johansson, now 37, believes she was "pigeonholed" into hyper-sensualized parts early in her career despite having a job that started when she was...
Source: pitchfork.com

Seven Acts We’d Like To See Headlining Festivals Next Year

The turn of the year always brings excitement in the music industry. As the winter rolls on and starts moving into spring, we start...

Famous Celebs and the Games They Love!

Over the years, the internet has revolutionized the gaming sector and has now reached a new paradigm. The popularity of the gaming industry has...

5 Celebrities Who Are Into Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has exploded into the public eye over the last 18 months. Although Satoshi Nakamoto created the initial concept in 2008, it became highly...

The Most Popular Game Providers

Are you looking for the best online gambling experience? If so, you need to take a look at the most popular game providers available....

14 Famous Celebrities With Criminal Records You Probably Didn’t Know About

Celebrities are not super humans and sinless, so we often find out that in the past they have committed minor or major crimes and...

7 Black Beauties of The Porn Industry – 2023 Guide

Believe it or not, but black beauties in the porn industry are more appreciated than dusky white ladies. Their natural tone makes many people...

What is the Net Worth of the Hadid Family? [2020]

If Bella and Gigi Hadid were just supermodels, they’d be rich. But when you factor in the fact that they are the children of...

New Jersey’s Most Famous Celebrities

New Jersey, located on the East Coast of the US has a population of over 9 million residents. According to the size, in square...

Little Known Hobby of Hollywood Stars

There’s absolutely no doubt that iGaming and online casino gambling remains a huge business across the globe, from Sin City in Las Vegas to...

Navigating the Casino Jungle: 5 Mistakes to Sidestep

Picture this: You're stepping into the glitzy realm of online casinos, the allure of spinning roulette wheels and flashing slot machines captivating your senses....
AI Helps in Online Shopping

How AI Helps in Online Shopping