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“The Islands” Movie Review

Surely, you have heard of the critically acclaimed movie called “The Islands” that was in a way ignored by the Academy Awards. Even though...

New Movie Trailer: ‘The Conjuring 2’ (Video/Pics)

Warner Bros. Pictures just released the first official trailer for the follow up to the 2013 blockbuster horror film, "The Conjuring." Plot: The supernatural thriller...

Why Were N.W.A Members Arabian Prince, Kid Disaster, Sir Jinx Left...

@artemusgordon gives us a interesting visual to the missing pieces of the N.W.A movie. Just finished watching the interview the the @breakfastclubam conducted with one...

Weekend Wifey: Shanbonita Thompson (Video)

Shanbonita Thompson maybe the ideal weekend wifey from Atlanta and her beauty maybe can land her role in making of the movie ATL...

Watch The “Olympus Has Fallen” Official Trailer Starring Morgan Freeman

Of all the movies filmed in the Shreveport-Bossier area, the recently completed “Olympus Has Fallen” (formerly “White House Taken”) seems to have caused the...

‘Streets’ Official Movie Trailer starring Meek Mill, Tray Chaney, Sparks, Gillie

Streets is a dramatic tale of seventeen year old Nichole Gordon who begrudgingly moves to Philadelphia."Streets" comes on TONIGHT at 10PM on BET!

50 Cent Before I Self Destruct (Trailer)

Here is a clip from 50's full length movie which is coming with his new album ti*led "Before I Self Destruct". I have to...

Сlassroom Management Strategies for Boosting Students’ Engagement

Nowadays, more and more teachers begin to question whether the accepted teaching and management strategies are helpful in terms of productive learning. With the...

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