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14 Famous Celebrities With Criminal Records You Probably Didn’t Know About

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Celebrities are not super humans and sinless, so we often find out that in the past they have committed minor or major crimes and faced various penalties for breaking the law, from social work to detention. Some of them served a fair prison sentence before being acquitted.

The petty crime files rarely leave a mark on the careers of these celebrities, but many of them, under public pressure, withdrew from public life or the work they do, so they devoted themselves to something else.

Today we will share with you a list of popular people who, by some coincidence, have a police record and at least the smallest criminal past. They are treated in the judiciary like all other citizens and are always held accountable for their actions. The only mitigating circumstance is that they can afford to pay bail and get out of jail, while ordinary people can rarely do that.

A lot of federal states have a public list of the files. You can check public records in Georgia on Infotracer and get as many details as possible. Maybe you will find some of your favorite popular people there.

But, we are also here to help you get to know these people better, together with their criminal record from the past:

1. Martha Stewart

You may have known about this from somewhere, but do you know the reasons? The popular cook, who has a successful career behind her, has been accused several times of embezzlement, security fraud, perjury, and obstruction of justice.

2. Mel Gibson

He was accused of physically assaulting his wife Oksana in 2011. He testified that he had to do so to “bring her back to reality”. He also insulted the police officers who arrested him. In 2014, the charges were dropped, but his “reputation” of a popular face with a criminal past remained.

3. Will Smith

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His file is from 1989. Allegedly, during a physical fight, one person went blind due to the blows. His file was filled with several other minor criminal acts, but after a year it was completely “cleared”.

4. Josh Duggar

Remember the popular family with 19 kids? The idyll we saw on the screens was obviously not the same in reality. It all came crashing down after Josh found out he had sexually abused at least five girls.

5. Tim Allen

He has a criminal record for cocaine possession and drug trafficking. He served just over two years in a Minnesota jail.

6. Felicity Huffman

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This was not so long ago. The Desperate Housewives star has faced charges and jail time for cheating on CAT tests, for which she paid someone else to take her instead of her daughter. This really does not look like Lynette from the series, so many were upset by the verdict.

7. Matthew Broderick

In the late ’80s, he was part of a car accident, for which he was to blame. The driver of the other vehicle and his passengers were killed in the collision. After a few years, the sentence was reduced and the charge, instead of a car accident, became careless driving.

8. O.J. Simpson

This was one of the most popular trials of all time, and many to this day can not reconcile with the verdict, and his lawyer was Kim Kardashian’s father – Robert. In addition to being charged with murder, Simpson has several counts of fraud and even kidnapping in his criminal record.

9. Mark Wahlberg

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He was charged with attempted murder after attacking two Vietnamese with a stick and injuring one in the eye. He was sentenced to 2 years in prison but served only 45 days.

10. Roman Polanski

His most famous crime is the one from 1977, for drugging and raping a minor girl. He served part of his sentence and tried to settle the charge, but after realizing that he would probably not be able to do so, he fled to Europe, where he is still a fugitive.

11. Bill Gates

Many would expect to see a variety of crimes here, given that this man is associated with many conspiracy theories, which do not subside even now, during a pandemic. His biggest crime? Driving without a driver’s license.

12. Khloe Kardashian

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It would be strange if such a list passed without mentioning this popular family at least twice. In 2007, Khloe was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Although she was to be imprisoned for 30 days, she served barely three hours.

13. Mike Tyson

He was charged with several counts, but the largest of which was rape. Although he was sentenced to 10 years in prison, the sentence was commuted and he served much less. However, this incident remained a big stain on his career forever.

14. Charlie Sheen

The biggest crime he has been charged with is the 1996 domestic violence case. He also has a history of alcoholism and drug abuse, for which he was in rehab, but still, it cost him an acting career.

Source: usatoday.com

As you can see, celebrities are not resistant to mistakes. Some mistakes cost a lot, but some can be easily forgotten. Many of these cases took place in front of the public and these people, in addition to imprisonment, received public condemnation. Some of the cases happened before these people were known, so they did not affect their popularity.

There are many more of them on the list of celebrities who have a criminal record. However, they are in some way proof that the criminal past does not mean the same present. There are many cases that have resulted in complete rehabilitation and reintegration into social processes. For some, imprisonment meant the end of a glittering career, and for others, it was a leap in popularity.

Do you remember a similar case, which we omitted to include in this list? Maybe you know a secret that celebrities hide from the public? Let us know, and share your thoughts with us.