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8 Tips to Have a Better Sleep at Night

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Sleep is as relevant as physical exercises and a good diet. Poor sleep can compromise braining functioning, alter hormonal cycles, and increase the chances of gaining weight in people. After a deep healthy sleep, people feel fresh and mentally strong so they can eat well, exercise perfectly, and work efficiently. With a night of good sleep, even your work productivity increases because the mental strength is always on top. If you have been struggling to get a night of healthy sleep, here are eight ways that you can do to improve your sleep quality.

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1. Increase Bright Light Exposure in Your Room

In your body, there is a component called the circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm regulates your sleep cycle and patterns by naturally knowing when it is time to sleep and when it is time to wake up. When you improve the light in your room, the circadian rhythm improves energy supply to the organs thereby making you function well during the day. It also tells the body systems that it is night so you need to sleep. Natural lighting, therefore, gives you energy during the day and promotes sleep during the night. 2 hours of good light during the day, gives you 2 hours of sleep during the night.

2. Don’t Consume Caffeine Some Hours Before Sleeping Time

Caffeine is a stimulant that activates your brain to keep your alert and attentive. You cannot have that drink and expect to fall asleep deeply. You will struggle to sleep because the sleep cycles and patterns will be disrupted. If you want something to relax you, you can opt for a CBDvapejuice. It will keep you awake and relaxed but when the time to sleep comes, you will just sleep without any problem. Even with decaffeinated coffee, you will still have to struggle with cycles especially if taken less than 6 hours to sleep time.

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3. Eliminate Your Day Time Sleeping Patterns

Day time sleeping is beneficial because it fuels your brain and rejuvenates your working power. Sleeping more than 30 minutes during the day is however bad and it can cause problems during your nighttime sleep. Make sure your daytime sleeping is regular so that you don’t disrupt your internal natural clock. Sleeping during the day is not bad but you need to make sure you don’t do naps more than 30 minutes.

4. There Are Supplements That Improve Quality of Sleep

Apart from the CBD vape juice, there are some supplements that have been shown in many studies to be promoting sleep patterns. The good thing is that they all work naturally so you don’t encounter any side effects even for long term use. Ginkgo biloba is one of them, it is a natural herb that promotes sleep and is able to bring mental relaxation. Glycine contains amino acids that can also improve the sleep quality of people. The calming and sedentary effect of Lavender can also be used as a sleeping enhancer to people experiencing difficulties in sleeping.

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5. Don’t Take Alcohol On Regular Basis

People who drink alcohol experience insomnia especially the ones that are addicted. First, alcohol yields some conditions like excessive snoring, bad dreams, and restlessness. These conditions disrupt the sleeping patterns making the drunkard person always wake up and struggle to sleep again during the night. When you drink alcohol, melanin production tends to reduce and melanin is one of the chemicals that promote sleeping quality. Alteration of the growth hormone by alcohol also reduces sleep because the growth hormone works in line with the circadian rhythm. Nighttime drinking is therefore not good for your sleep so you need to reduce or stop.

6. Optimize Your Bedroom for Sleep

The bedroom is not just a place to sleep and go, it is a place for you to relax and think of the daily activities. To make it healthy and welcoming, first, make sure it is clean and presentable so that you get the desire to even stay in it. Second, ensure you have sufficient space that is well-decorated to bring the ambiance and good mood. A clean, private, open space is always good for your brain because it promotes relaxation. Third, ensure all the beddings are friendly, soft, and good-smelling to you. Such a bedroom can bring a deep sleep making you wake up fresh the next day.

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7. Know When to Take Your Carb Diet

In one study, it was reported that a low carb diet took an hour before sleep improves sleep quality. Other studies found that a high carb diet taken 4 hours prior to sleeping promotes sleeping while if taken less than 4 hours, sleeping patterns are immensely disrupted. These findings simply indicate that a high carb diet before sleep is not good unless you take the diet more than four hours before sleep. When you take food, make sure it would be digested before you get into bed for sleep and digestion is normally complete after 3 hours.

8. It’s Good to Relax Before Going to Bed

How do you prepare yourself before going to sleep? After work, some people go to the gym, do several physical exercises then come back home and listen to music as they wait to sleep. Before you go to sleep, you can as well take a shower and ensure you mentally free before you get to the bed. Going to bed with all your stuff in the head can really mess up your sleeping patterns so make sure you sober up before going to sleep.

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Sleeping is important not just for the sake of being alert during the day but also because of the health benefits that come along with it. Staying without sleep can even cause brain issues that can result in epilepsy so make sure you get sufficient sleep. Take note of all of the above tips and if you can combine several of them for you to have a night of better sleep, that would be good. It is recommended that you get 8 hours or more per day for you to live healthily.