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6 Powerful Ways for Having a More Rejuvenating Sleep

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Are you desperate for some good night’s sleep or simply looking to improve it?

Regardless of which, every person should focus on improving their sleeping habits. Lack of sleep can develop other problems, and other factors play a key role in you not getting the optimal amount of hours needed.

Some people believe that during the past few decades the amount of quality sleep we get is decreased a lot. The reasons for this could be many, of which the most common one being the popularization of screens.

So, to help you solve this problem, here are 6 powerful ways of having a more rejuvenating sleep.

1. Put Your Phone Down During the Night

Literary every home nowadays has one TV in the living room and one more in the bedroom. This might be more entertaining, but it actually promotes poor sleep quality.

TV screens, phones, tablets all have negative impacts, and reducing the time you spent on them before going to bed will help you a lot.

Screens are bad for you because of the blue light they emit. This so-called blue light is bad for your natural clock, which essentially tells your body to wake up when the sun rises.

Exposure to blue light during the night decreases your melatonin levels, which helps you relax when need to.

However, one way to battle it is to actually expose yourself to blue lights during the evening.

2. Avoid Caffeine Later in the Day

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Everyone knows what caffeine can do to our bodies when needed to.

In the morning, we drink coffee, which is made out of caffeine, to wake us up effectively. We can sometimes drink coffee later in the day, but this is actually a pretty bad habit and one you should definitely avoid.

This is because caffeine can disrupt our natural sleep cycle if consumed later in the day. Since we need our bodies to be relaxed during the night, caffeine will prevent that from becoming a reality and keep you awake.

Caffeine takes up to eight hours to leave our bodies. So imagine drinking caffeine at 5pm? If you want a rejuvenating sleep, then avoid drinking coffee after 2pm.

3. Avoid Daytime Napping

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Sometimes we tend to lie down after a hard day’s work. And while we tell ourselves this will be only for an hour, it ends up in a four-hour routine that becomes the norm every day.

No one says you shouldn’t rest in the day after work, but you should reduce the amount of time you rest. We tend to take naps because our bodies are depleted of energy.

This might be because we aren’t getting a good night’s sleep, so to accommodate for that we take daytime naps. The reason why this is bad is down to the fact that we find it difficult to sleep after a four-hour nap. The result comes in the form of a bad quality of sleep and some don’t even shut their eyes at all.

And the most damning fact is that the cycles go on and on and on, which is essentially your problem.

So, to avoid this from ever becoming a problem, you should cut down on your daytime naps, or perhaps reduce the time you nap.

4. Get a Good Mattress

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If you want quality sleep, then you need a quality mattress to accommodate you.

Many people emphasize the importance of a quality mattress in regards to your sleeplessness. This is the reason why people love sleeping in a hotel during their vacation.

A good and quality mattress will solve a lot of issues, trust us. But there is more to it than simply going and buying one.

You should choose the mattress based on your height. This is important because you don’t want to end up buying a mattress that is smaller than your size. At the end of it, personal preference prevails, and you should buy something that you like.

On the subject of quality mattresses, you should also buy a pillow that will accommodate you further.

If you’re looking for the most comfortable mattresses out there, then make sure to read this in-depth review of the best ones.

5. Regular Exercise

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One way to prepare our bodies for the night is to frequently exercise during the day.

Exercise takes a lot of energy from us, and sometimes this is the solution for a good night’s sleep. The best way to exercise would be to eighter go to the gym, exercise at home, run in the park, sports activities, and many more ways. However, a general rule of thumb would be to avoid exercising before bed.

Exercise has been scientifically proven to reduce symptoms of insomnia. This has been proven through various studies that can be found by simply performing a simple Google search.

Moreover, it is also recommended that you do exercise if struggling with chronic sleep disorders such as insomnia.

The bad thing with exercise, on the other hand, is that it isn’t recommended right before bedtime. If doing it before bedtime, you increase hormones such as epinephrine and alertness, which can keep you up for longer periods.

6. Don’t Drink or Eat Anything Before Bedtime

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This last one is definitely one that you’ve heard your mom or dad tell you. Regardless of where you’ve heard it, it’s absolutely true.

There is a disorder called nocturia, which is essentially excessive urination. But this disorder, as the name probably gives it out, happens during the night, making it quite the nuisance.

Nocturia is also caused by drinking large amounts of liquids before bedtime. There are also other causes, but the most obvious one tends to this one.

And while we should drink water before going to bed, you should lay off the amount you drink, and the type of liquid you drink.

Eating before bedtime, on the other hand, is bad because it prevents melatonin and HGH from naturally releasing into your body. We mentioned melatonin to be beneficial for relaxing your body, and this is something that prevents it.

So, for a rejuvenating sleep, make sure to follow these six tips.