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Exploring The Benefits Of CBD Oil For Dogs & Their Owners

Dogs are cute with their innocent gestures and are special in their unique ways. They can be the most loyal pets you’ve ever seen. Dogs like humans have their own needs as well. These needs are mostly the primary ones – shelter, food, and family.

To stay healthy, it best to take them to a veterinarian and give them vitamins that could boost their immune systems as they are also vulnerable to common diseases. You may click here to find out more about your dog’s health. If you are a new dog parent, this article is best for you. You can even give your dog CBD oil so they can also have the benefits of it.

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Cannabidiol For Dogs And Other Animals

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, has been popular in recent years. But what is cannabidiol, exactly? It is one of the elements found in a cannabis plant out of hundreds of others. It has does not contain any psychoactive compound which makes it safe for users to consume. Although it is an element found in a cannabis plant, it is not addictive contrary to popular belief.

For your information, the element responsible for making the consumer “high” is called tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise abbreviated as THC. This element contains psychoactive properties which results in the users getting high and is highly addictive with excessive and frequent use. CBD also has THC content but is much lesser compared to marijuana.

The government finally gave its permission for people to use cannabidiol legally. But mind you, cannabidiol that has been extracted from the flowers of industrial hemp is the only legal plant to use for producing CBD-based products with more or less 0.3 percent of THC content. Yes, hemp and marijuana came from the same family of Cannabis Sativa, but although they came from the same family, the government only chose hemp as it has been determined to be an industrial aid.

Although legal, not everyone can freely cultivate and grow hemp in their backyard. Hemp farmers will need to get a license to cultivate, grow, and sell to manufacturers. Same as to the part of manufacturers, they also need to have a license to operate and produce goods that are incorporated with CBD.


Humans and animals have something in common – the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). It is the system that is responsible for the function of the skin, heart, brain, eyes, mood, and stomach. It is also responsible for the absorption of cannabinoids in our bodies. Thus, it is the main reason why we can obtain the benefits of cannabidiol produced by a Cannabis plant.

Many products are now being made with CBD ingredients in it. A lot of companies like Holistapet have innovated and thought of ideas on how consumers could safely consume cannabidiol. There are lots of benefits cannabidiol could offer and many types of research are being done to see the full benefits of it and how it could be of help to mankind.

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What Are Its Top Benefits

The government has invested in projects that concern CBD. There are now many positive results that flourished from such efforts and now, could give a big potential to the medical sector. Listed below are some of the many benefits that cannabidiol could offer to both mankind and animals:

  • Moderates Severe Pain – Research shows that CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory substance which can alleviate pain and chronic inflammations.  This substance can help with mitigating the pain by temporarily stopping the absorption of anandamide, which suppresses the pain signal in the brain. Thus, it reduces the feeling of soreness, which is why it has great potential for wide application. On the other hand, its anti-inflammatory effect is related to the ability to communicate with receptors in immune cells. Improper functioning of the immune system can endanger the health of cells. If it is already known that the risk is present, CBD will prevent it. In that way, inflammation, pain, as well as other symptoms in regular and chronic diseases can be reduced.
  • Cure For Anxiety And Stress – It goes to show that cannabidiol has a relaxing effect on the users. Thus, it makes them stress-free and lowers the anxiety level. In addition to being very effective in dealing with physical problems, CBD is also important in reducing the symptoms of mental disorders. This includes some transient phases, such as depression or anxiety. These phases are specific to both humans and animals and the symptoms and reactions are very similar in both. The point of using cannabidiol is to target serotonin receptors in the body because this mental state is the result of a lack of serotonin. By acting on them, CBD increases their concentration and reduces stress and anxiety.

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  • Prevent Epileptic Seizures – The element is also found with barbiturates substances that could ease up seizures and can lessen this kind of activity. These claims are the result of evidence gathered from various laboratory studies. Minor clinical studies and numerous reports that have emerged after some testing are just some of the documents proving that cannabidiol could help control an epileptic seizure in human beings and dogs. Also, there are certain tested groups of people and dogs who did not respond to traditional therapies, but exclusively to CBD. The biggest enemy of this research are legal restrictions that prevent quick and easy access to the plant. Also, there are many financial problems and time constraints that hinder experts.
  • Could Be Of Help To The Digestive System – This is another advantage that can be seen in people who have a problem with the digestive system. Some studies have proven that it’s good in acting against a swollen stomach or bloating, as well as in irritable bowel syndrome. In people who have lazy intestines, CBD can trigger their mobility. In such situations, a specific kind of anti-inflammatory diet is necessary in order for the body to detoxify, refresh and improve its functions. In such diets, it’s recommended to use CBD oil in various salads and while cooking, with regular consumption of fruits and vegetables, and to avoid heavy foods such as meat, dairy products and sugar. CBD could either reduce or increase the appetite of the consumer. It is best to visit a doctor first if consumed by humans or visit a veterinarian if consumed by animals.

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  • Can Prevent Symptoms For Cancer When it comes to cancer prevention, we can say that much more research is needed to prove these claims. Of course, as we mentioned earlier, when all the financial and weather conditions are met and when the law approves easy access to this plant. This process will require long-term studies on various patients, both human beings and animals, that will use products based on this substance. Over time, they will control the dosage with frequent use, monitor all the benefits, positive and negative effects, and finally see the results. These results will be able to confirm our doubts. Although this is still an on-going process for results, doctors are hoping that this could aid people who are suffering from cancer.

Dogs are the most human-like creatures – apart from monkeys – and that’s why such a similar effect of this plant on the human organism and the organism of a dog isn’t strange. We can talk about most of the benefits with certainty, while some are still waiting for scientific confirmation. However, until the decision on legalization for medical purposes is made in all parts of the world, all that remains is to wait.