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6 Strangest Things That You Can Actually Bet on

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Betting is something almost everyone does these days. The stigma once surrounded betting is no more. You can’t lie and say you haven’t thought making a bet even if it sounds crazy. Don’t sweat it; you’re not the only one. Many people want to bet on crazy and bizarre things; there’s nor surprise in it. We won’t hide the fact that most people bet in order to win something. This is the primary reason.

But, there are other reasons why people love to invest their money this way. There are those who bet on the teams they hate, to increase their chances of failing – a simple superstition. But, whatever the case might be, what everyone wants is to bet on high odds and to increase their winning margin. This is why people bet on almost anything that could bring them money with a small investment on their part. So, if you don’t have an idea where to put your money, check out these six strangest things that you can actually bet on. Don’t be surprised by someone’s imagination; there are all kinds of people out there.

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1. Celebrity deaths

This one has become rather popular. Many individuals are trying to guess when a celebrity is going to pass away. Some of them are even going as far as to guess the cause of death. The entire thing started to become weirder when celebrities began falling like flies when a certain former Arsenal Football Club player, Aaron Ramsey, scored goals, as many believed, thanks to his goal streak. His tally currently stands at 21 dead celebrity. Just some of the people who dropped dead after his goals are Steve Jobs, Osama Bin Laden, Whitney Houston, and Paul walker. So, follow his career closely at Juventus FC, while you prepare a celebrity death bet.

2. UFOs

This sounds like a subject for a nerd or a philosophical argument about the theme of extraterrestrial life. People have always been baffled by the question of if life exists outside of our planet. Some enthusiasts not only believe this, but they are also prepared to put a wager on it.

So far, the bookmakers have the advantage as there is no evidence of aliens – so far. They could lose massive amounts of money if the green ones decide to visit us, not that any bet would matter at that moment, especially if an Independence Day scenario is what is expecting us. So, if you are keen on making a crazy bet, the bookmakers would allow you to guess the year when we’re going to find out that we’re not alone. You can bet that it’ll happen today, or go down the road for a few years. Anyway, the odds are in your favor, but not the ones it’s going to happen. You better bet that the Patriots are going to win another Super Bowl down the stretch, or risk it all and go with Cleveland Browns.

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3. Cheese-Rolling

Yes, cheese rolling is a thing. No, we are not kidding. The game originates from Gloucester in England, where it was a local custom that became a global trend. People from this part of the UK even asked for it to be recognized as an Olympic sport. Of course, they were denied by the Olympic committee, but can you guess who welcomed them with opened arms? Yes, the bookies and punters. Imagine betting on the skill of people who compete in rolling the cheese down the hill. Well, you don’t have to imagine anything, this is a thing, and you can be the one winning it all if you guess the winner. If you seek for a more traditional manner of betting, visit maximumcasinos.com.

4. WWE

Who would have thought? How can you bet on a sports event which is fake, scripted, where the outcome is already known? Well, you can. Yes, you know the drill two fighters enter the ring, and almost everyone knows who the winner is going to be. So, you must be wondering why are the bookmakers allowing people to put bets on WWE events? Well, as a casual fan, you think that you know the eventual winner, but you have been surprised by WWE before, haven’t you? A fan favorite turning heel? Even without a surprise turnaround as these, WWE tries very hard to keep the match outcome a top-secret. If a leak happens, the bookmakers close the shops for that event or lower the odds—a win-win for them, as always.

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5. Polar Bears Extinction

Don’t you put that evil on me Ricky Bobby. We don’t want for this happen, but people who place their bets on the turn of event that it eventually will occur must be eager to see this happening. Climate change is real, and many species are threatened to be extinct if we don’t do something. Polar bears are an endangered species living in the far north where we have polar ice melting down due to global warming. They’ll either move to summer parts and adapt or go extinct. The first one is hardly going to happen, and the latter is something punters are willing to put their money on. Guess the year of the last polar bear death, and you can earn yourself a fortune if this is the way you want to make your money that is.

6. Betting On The Next Pope

This is a funny one. There is going to be a new Pope without a doubt, but when the switch is going to happen and who is going to be the next in line is unknown. There are many Cardinals who are considered favorites, but the decision lies solely on the back of the Catholic Church hierarchy, and the voting is a secret one. We don’t have to worry; the people of faith aren’t going to fix the outcome, so all you need to do is to conduct a research and find the best candidate to put your money on him. College of Cardinals picks one of their own, so you can ask them in advance who they favor. You might even get an answer, who knows.