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How To Know The Right CBD Oil Dose For Everyday Use

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Because of the deluge of CBD products in the market, you might be wondering if they can help you with your health issues as well. One product that is quite popular online is CBD oil. If you would like to try it out for your symptoms, it is important to know the correct dosage first.

Here are some tips that you can follow in your quest to determine the right CBD oil dosage for your everyday health needs.

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Each Person Is Different And Has Unique Requirements

One reason that there is some confusion about how much CBD oil to take is that each person has a unique reaction to this product. Some people may need just a few drops and they’re good to go afterwards. Others may need a lot more than that to get the same results. That being said, some studies using human patients showed that people can take between 20 milligrams to 1500 milligrams of CBD per day. In this article, you can find which flavor of CBD oil is perfect.

The wide range of the dosage parameters indicates that each person has a unique need for CBD. It really depends a lot on how your body responds to and processes the product.

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How To Estimate The Correct CBD Dosage

There are certain factors you need to consider when trying to figure out how much CBD oil to take. These include the following:

  • Your Medical Condition And Symptoms – If you have relatively mild symptoms of a health issue, you probably only need a low dosage of CBD at the start. Those who have stronger symptoms may have to take more of it to address them.
  • Your Body Weight – Generally, the heavier you are, the more CBD you would have to take to address your symptoms. Don’t compare yourself with someone lighter who would need less to treat the same health issue.
  • Your Gender – This may be explained partially by your body weight, since men tend to weigh more than women do.
  • Your Age – If you are young, you may have a healthier body than some other people who are already entering their golden years. As far as CBD oil dosage is concerned, your doctor would have to consider you differently from someone in another age bracket with different health concerns.
  • The Amount Of CBD In The Dosage – Some CBD manufacturers and merchants are not upfront about how much of it they are selling you per volume container. Some of these vendors are also scamming consumers by selling these products that do not even contain any CBD, because they know consumers have no way of determining the amount. This makes it difficult for consumers to estimate how much to take per day. Choose a more reputable brand by clicking here if you want to “standardize” your CBD dosage, since quality brands tend to label their products more accurately and even provide dosage charts.
  • The Way Your Body Responds To The Supplement – Each individual’s body will respond differently to CBD oil, so its acceptability may differ from one person to another. This means some people will have a great experience with their CBD product, but others may have side effects instead. At the moment, researchers are still trying to figure out why this is so.

It is advisable to use a journal specifically to keep track of your dosages and your body’s reaction to them, on a daily basis. Your doctor will probably find it useful for monitoring your illness, and the progress or decline of your body under the CBD dosage regimen. Be prepared though for your doctor to possibly advise you to stop taking current medication if you intend to take CBD. This is because the medication may interact negatively with your CBD oil dosage and cause a serious drug reaction. Also, there are a lot of benefits of CBD to the dogs, you can read about them on this link.

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Why Are Some Doctors Reluctant To Prescribe CBD To Their Patients?

It is definitely okay to ask your doctor for advice about the proper dosage to self-medicate your symptoms since that is your personal choice. However, many doctors are actually hesitant to recommend CBD oil and other products to their patients. This is because there is no specific recommended daily allowance or RDA yet for these products. So your doctor would be “flying blind” when it comes to prescribing CBD. The other reason is that most doctors do not receive formal training in using CBD  to treat human patients, back in medical school. Still, it is true that there are doctors who encourage their patients to try out CBD oil and other products since they believe that their patients stand to benefit from this decision.

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What Is The Safest Dosage Of CBD Oil?

Since CBD is a relatively new product, don’t be surprised that there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to its “safest” dosage. More research on human patients has to be done to observe how much is considered as the “safest” dose. So far, there is a lot of testing being done on animals, but not enough for human test subjects.  For this reason, it is important to be knowledgeable about the limitations of using this product and to dispel the misconceptions surrounding CBD oil. You will also need to be monitored by your doctor to find out which CBD oil brand is appropriate for you, as well as the particular daily doses needed for treating your symptoms.

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Final Takeaway

CBD oil is not a cure-all substance, and its effect on your symptoms cannot be predicted accurately. No one really knows for sure why some people’s symptoms are reduced when they take it. If you have a serious medical condition, proceed with caution while taking a dose of CBD oil. Ask your doctor for advice regarding your illness and whether it is the right remedy for your symptoms. This will help mitigate any potential risks, especially if taking CBD oil means stopping certain medications that you are already using. Consulting a specialist will also place you in a better position to determine the correct dosage you should take on a daily basis once you decide to use it.