Witnesses Say Braylon Edwards Attacked Employee, Drunk Jalen Rose Stopped Him

· August 4, 2011

According to the sources, the original altercation started between Edwards’ group of about 20 friends and about eight to 10 “known guys” from Detroit whose leader was described as a “million dollar drug dealer” who frequents South Bar in Birmingham, a wealthy suburb of The Motor City.

Former NBA player and ESPN an**yst Jalen Rose was reported to be part of Edwards’ group and while described as drunk, he apparently attempted to hold Edwards back and keep him from fighting.

The original altercation was said to have started when someone from Edwards’ group “threw up” in the booth area of the group from Detroit.

According to both sources, he mistook a bus boy only identified as “Dave” for a bouncer and charged into the kitchen after him. Edwards reportedly tackled Dave (described as a big guy who looks like a linebacker) and the two exchanged blows before they were separated.BSO

It’s going to be hard for Jalen to shake the lush stereotype associated with his name with stories like this..

  • T$

    Jalen keeps losing..

  • Chi Capitan

    I’m a big Jalen Rose fan. I’m glad to see that even though he was drunk, he had the sensibility to prevent a potentially volatile situation

    • http://atlnightspots.com B strait up

      man these athletes & celebs know better than to try & start sh*t in the middle(midwest),somebody will put hands on they azz quickly lol. And they tooo damn old to be still out fightin..smh

  • ShowYaKnow

    this is not a good look for Jalen because he was also tied to a dui, but as far as fight and based on story, it was Braylen edwards fault.

    This aint first time braylen got into it, this may be one of the main reasons he aint signed yet, Edwards is a top reciever and free agecny is almost over and ol boy still aint got a contract and the only contract a team is willing to sign him to so far is apparently one year, tighten up