Home News Drug-lord’s GF Kelly Cyclone Found Dead (Pics + Video)

Drug-lord’s GF Kelly Cyclone Found Dead (Pics + Video)

The Department of Technical Police (DPT) will investigate the dissemination of images of Cyclone Kelly dead at the Insti*ute of Legal Medicine (IML) Rodrigues. In a statement, spokesperson for the authority said the premises where the skills are performed is restricted to employees and that therefore the internal affairs of the insti*ution will make an an**ysis.

The advisory also said that correctional measures are taken with the rigor that the situation calls for trying to discover who has recorded and released footage. An expert will try to identify the author of the video through your voice – he speaks. The report will be released in 30 days.

The video expertise of the body of Kelly, who has about one thousand views, was posted on Wednesday (27) by a user on the website YouTube. In the pictures, the body of Kelly appears on a stretcher in the IML.