Various sources are reporting there is word Martin Lawrence isn’t a fan of “All Gold Everything” rapper Trinidad James. Due to the fact there are so many similarities between Atl’s rookie of the year artist and one of many Martin personality “Jerome”.

Jerome is known as the gold teeth wearing, afro-puff rocking, word-slurring, over-the-top character Martin created and portrayed over the years. And if you are a fan of Trinidad James, you know the similarities are uncanny. And, due to the similarities, there are reports that Martin Lawrence is thinking of suing.

Levin plans to sue Trinidad James for $5 Million after learning that the rapper recently signed a $2 million dollar deal with Def Jam.

The show’s creator, Gerald Levin, stated:

“Nobody’s that unattractive in real life. Gold chains, gold rings, and rotten teeth, that’s Jerome!! …Martin created that.”

Martin Lawrence still got jokey-jokes..

[singing] Uh-uh! Uh-uh-uh! I say Jerome’s in da house! I say Jerome’s in da hou-oo-ah-oo – In da house!

  • MoorFedayeen

    Typical lying azz jew media. Is he suing or not. You clearly say he is on the headline just to grab attention yet you say Martin is “thinking” of doing it at the end. Gtfoh. You worse then Wendy Williams.

    Hahz no hate towards u cause I know u just share these articles with other sites. I just hate the media and liars to be more soecific .

  • Queso (The Corp)

    Lmfao that’s hilarious.

    • BzB

      funny as he11. everyone thought this dude was a jerome parody at first. i still think this dude can’t be for serious.

  • this was trending on twitter last night. i was like what happened with the homie?

    • I seen that last night, couldn’t figure out why.. Thought something happened at his performance at Gold Room.

  • Williedynamite

    ROTFLMAO! First thing I said when I saw that video was is this Jerome Jr.?

    I say jerome in the house, watch ya mouth!

    • BrownSugar

      I thought it was Martin AKA Jerome, too! LOL! He must of been watching the old reruns on TVONE.

  • tyuaza

    there are alot of similarities butt one did it for comedy the other pure ignorance

  • Big ALbert

    My god this dude is ugly.

    • President Ward

      We don’t judge men my dude.

  • You ain’t gotta judge men to know ugly when you see it. Tell me that you didn’t think Shabba Ranks was ugly!


    Thats like Amber Rose trying to sue broads for wearing the fade….sit down!!!

  • Taper

    I mean he cant fake his teeth bein like that and thats really his hair if anything he shud sue the martin show

  • Martin should be a shame damn he don’t even look like Jerome

  • Qwaya

    Trinidad dont look nothing like Jerome. his beard is different, his hair style is totally different.Its just the of money.

  • camaro434

    Lighten up, folks. Damn, its a joke. I saw the video before it blew up and I thought the same thing, “This has to be a f@cking joke.” He looks like a coon in the video. Thats my opinion and I don’t give a f@ck if u don’t like it.