Bobby Valentino Carjacked in Midtown Atlanta

· January 23, 2013


Police say a R&B singer was carjacked at gunpoint in Midtown Atlanta and one of the suspects has been arrested.

Authorities say singer Robert Wilson – known as Bobby Valentino – parked a red 2013 Bentley in a lot outside the Hot Beats Recording Studio on Spring Street near 14th Tuesday night and was approached by two armed robbers. Police say Valentino complied with the men and they drove away in the car.

An off-duty lieutenant heard a call over police radio about the incident and found the luxury car abandoned nearby at the Arts Center MARTA station.

Authorities say Wilson and witnesses identified one suspect and the man was taken into custody. The man’s identi*y has not been released and police are still looking for the second suspect.

He is always riding around Atlanta alone. He probably was looking like a easy come up.. Glad he is ok.


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  1. ReefMoney says:

    They got rid of the car because they knew:1.) Even if you stripped it, and got it cleaned up there just aren’t enough bentleys out there to “blend in”
    2.) Most likely that car has (or should have) a GPS which would of tracked it eventually
    3.) who still steals cars now a days? between Molly (new crack) and People stealing cars it seems like its 93 and 2013

  2. RasheedLateef says:

    TC at it again lol…but honest talk,glad he’s alright.

  3. RasheedLateef says:

    TC at it again lol…but honest talk,glad he’s alright.

  4. President Ward says:

    @Moor WTF?

  5. TheJudge says:

    who still steals cars now a days? exactly, its pointless

    • MoorFedayeen says:

      @TheJudge Who still steals cars???? Ask the CA. They #1 in car theft. I met a woman that had her Caddi truck stolen twice, once in broad daylight, and I know another n1gga that had his ESV stolen 3 times, outside the city! Just a month ago I caught some n1ggas in the act of stealing my truck. Sh1t was hella crazy cause it happened so fast but I recovered it like less then 20 mins later. They pushed the b1tch off right in front of me but they was shook. I was amped up for days off that.
      Bet TC’s was finna bring them sticks out for the King. My lil homie was gone shake somethin that night. #NoFlexin

  6. BzB says:

    he did the smart thing by giving it up and not poppin slick.  it’s hard to insure exotic cars, but it damn sure ain’t worth getting shot over.  funny thing is some of these rappers would risk their life over their car or chain.  guess rappers have more “street cred” at risk than r&b singers.

  7. Greg4422 says:

    Everybody knows that you strip em down, and sell the parts on ebay…duh
    disclaimer: don’t not try this at home

  8. Pceezy says:

    Yea that studio is most def in a suspect area,,,, the highway right behind it and they get caught like 2 miles away ???

  9. Realtalkin says:

    Least hes cool

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