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Video: American Gangsterz “Harry O”, Suge, Puffy, J Prince & Henchman

In this first edition American Gangsterz, we’ll be looking at James Prince.

Post 1—sort of an introduction to James “lil j” Prince and part of a long interview, he did with Complex Magazine, because of how the site is set up, there might be some overlapping from when i pasted, and the underlining of questions.

Post 2—things start getting a little more interesting. Here you see a long read on the street side of J Prince. Like in 88, his cousin was driving one of the cars registered at his car lot…it had like 76 kilo’s in it. You’ll read about “Big J”, the investigation, etc…

Post 3—just an interview of J Prince denying “Harry O” funded Rap A Lot Records, calling him a snitch, etc…

Post 4—Just an interview with Pimp C’s wife, who Prince is suing.

Post 5—Some rumors or street myths surrounding J Prince (beating down floyd Mayweather, saving pimp c’s life, having Big Mike’s house shot up, sending goons at ronnie bookman, etc….also discussed is J Prince the main reason the rap scene left Houston so quick?

Post 7—Preview’s of the next threads.

Rap A Lot was the home of the Ghetto Boys (Scarface, Bushwick Bill, Big Mike, and the ebay scamming– clean up man himself Willie D (remember when this nga was talking about buying all this land in Afghanistan…what a fkn scam artist, but he gives some great interviews). Some other notable artist on the label were 5th ward boys (I only think ngz from Texas to Georgia knew about them), I know my Cali ngz remember mad CJ Mac, Benzino’s Almighty RSO (if that merger wasn’t a drug ring front, i don’t know what is), Do or Die (Chi Town), Devin The Dude (!), Johny P (y’all remember that non singn ass nga…i put him moby di** and that nga from gucci mane’s so icey in rap’s top 3 list for worst singers). i know u stans wondering why i haven’t mentioned Tela (I’m going in the order on wiki, fk boys)…most of all these next artist had already fell off by the time they got to Rap A Lot, yukmouth, The Outlaws (without Pac…the sad thing is…the Outlaws could rap, but i never even listened to any of their albums without Pac), my closest roaddawg Big Syke (y’all remember the deep voiced big homie…”so much trouble in the world nga”)slim thug and lil keke, z ro (that shortycu*stain’s nga right there) UGK (i think he initially had to sign them under solo deals because i think the name UGK was still owned by Jive…not sure how all that worked out….but i guess it worked out because they are the property of J Prince…but we’ll discuss that a little later), trae (i don’t know much about him, maybe Houston cats can elaborate but there always seems to be drama around this nga…ngz around him keep gettn murked and shyt), i guess lil flip ended up doing an album over there (probably got extorted into doing that) and Juvenile sadly ended up over there ( going from cmr to r.a. one pimp to a smaller market cat who’s just as a big a pimp…).

Prince’s net worth is 45 mil on paper but i’m sure he has plenty of street money stashed throughout Houston.