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Tom From MySpace Ethers Twitter Hater

MySpace co-founder Tom Anderson drew applause on Twitter after answering back to a hater who says he was unable to “keep a social network alive.” The quick tweet exchange fits under a hashtag “burn” situation, in which the “attacked party” manages to strike back using the attacker’s premise and word use.

Anderson aka MySpaceTom was reacting on

“fear over Instagram’s terms change” via his @myspacetom account on Twitter. He describes the fear to be “ridiculous,” adding, “Get real, folks!”

User @polotapia tweets back, saying, “says the guys that [sic] was not able to keep a social network alive.”

MySpaceTom Troll Comeback Retweets: Over 8,000 and counting; Favorites: Nearly 6,000 and counting

Anderson tweets a comeback that would later be re-tweeted for over 8,600 times and favored more than 5,800 times within 12 hours:

@polotapia says the guy who sold myspace in 2005 for $580 million while you slave away hoping for a half-day off.”

As the comeback tweet gained fame, @polotapia removed his account (or perhaps changed his account name). Anderson took notice and tweeted:

“the guy I answered back deleted his account. does that mean I win? #winning #myspacetom”

Anderson’s  tweet has since been described

“the funniest tweet reply,” which merits “the Twitter burn of the year award.” Someone also tweeted, “Don’t mess with Tom Anderson.”



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