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Swagkage Net Worth 2024

Swagkage became famous on YouTube, and many fans are loving the way he is commenting Naruto and Dragon Ball Z anime series, and that brought him to this popularity he has now. If you are interested in finding out more about this young YouTuber, as well as his net worth, take a closer look at our article.


Rob, also known as Swagkage, was born in the United States, on April 29, 1998. His zodiac sign is Taurus. There isn’t much information about him, and the only reason people know his name is Rob is simply because one time his girlfriend wrote it on Twitter, and she didn’t mean to.

His educational background is also not very known, but what we do know is that after finishing high school, he didn’t have any desire to go further to college, and instead he decided to concentrate more on his internet career.


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Swagkage always wanted to be a YouTuber. He created his YouTube channel “Swagkage” in 2014, on October 14, and at the beginning, he only uploaded videos he edited. Those were from Dragonball Z, an anime and Naruto, also an anime. He expressed his opinion, thoughts, and the overall experience he got while watching these two anime series. He was soo deep into Naruto and Dragonball Z that he started posting videos of rankings. His “20 Naruto Characters Stronger than Sasuke” has around 1 million views. There is also a “Top 5 Least Favorite Naruto Characters” in his opinion. Fans caught onto that and started really liking his work. Swagkage realized how good he is, and he even urged his fans to enter a debate and to talk more about things he is posting.

He has numerous videos where he tries to explain to the audience the character’s background. Swagkage often talks about their lore, some plot twists, and other things that are linked to the anime series. In January 2015 he uploaded “What are Super Saiyans? | Dragon Ballogy Episode 1” which was his first video on YouTube. It has around 800,000 views. Swagkage’s most viewed video is titled “Ranking the Akatsuki From Weakest to Strongest,” and up until now, it has nearly 5 million views. The young YouTuber doesn’t post regularly. He has a new video coming out on almost a monthly basis, and sometimes it takes even up to 2, or three months until he posts something new related to his content.


After finishing high school, he dedicated his time to making his YouTube career. However, as we all know, we need money to survive, and as he was new to all that stuff, he didn’t have any to live with. His family wasn’t going to support him in what he wanted, so he decided to create a Patreon account. But, unfortunately for him, that didn’t pay out as he didn’t have anything to offer to his fans in exchange for donations that they were supposed to give him.

Swagkage explained to everybody that we would send some details from his work and how he posts and uploads videos and images on YouTube and social media, that are related to his Naruto and Dragonball Z work, He confessed that he is doing it just so he can get some money to expand his YouTube career, as he wasn’t getting any money from any other place. Today, that Patreon account is no longer active, as we presume that he failed in his attempt to get some cash. He only got $173 from 57 fans who donated for his cause.

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Personal life

There isn’t much information about Swagkage, except for his name, which was accidentally revealed by his girlfriend. His girlfriend’s name is Alissa, and we know that because Swagkage posted in his Twitter description ‘, I like naruto and @konahriik_.’ That is Alissa’s Twitter account, and she isn’t posting many personal details about their relationship. They are going to various comics, and they are in love with anime, especially Naruto, and various video games they play together. Alissa’s favorite game and characters are Super Mario and Princess Peach.

Swagkage Net Worth 2024

To this day, no one knows for sure how Swagkage looks like. He never posted a picture of him nor has he made a public appearance as Swagkage.

Swagkage’s estimated net worth in 2024 is around $450,000, and if he continues to upload new content successfully each month, or every day, he will, for sure, get more wealth in the future.