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Keemstar Net Worth 2024

Daniel M. Keem is the real name of the popular, American YouTuber Killer Keemstar. He is a famous vlogger, who has one of the biggest YouTube news show on the Internet, DramaAlert. Keemstar was also part of the well-known gaming crew, Faze Clan. If you want to find out more about Keemstar’s net worth in 2024 just continue reading this article.

Early Life

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He was born on March 8, 1982, and raised in Buffalo, New York, United States. His ancestors are Italians, Germans, and people from Denmark. His parents are Italians, and he is not only a child, but he also has a brother and sister. Keemstar has also a daughter named Mia. He even posted on Twitter that Mia has a huge amount of money in her bank account, more that he and his whole family.


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At the beginning of his career, Keemster was the first part of F.A.G ( The Federation of Asshole Gamers). This was the group of YouTubers that made Halo’s trolling videos, and on the YouTube scene, he was known as DJ Keemstar back than.

His online career is not planned, he just started his YouTube channel as a hobby. In his first videos, he talked about feuds between other YouTubers on Twitter. He quickly became famous for his hashtag #DramaAlert, and the fans loved that kind of content.

A YouTube channel called NewDramaAlert was launched on June 15, 2014, and in the first year, it had more than 300,000 subscribers. Many times his channel was criticized for the inappropriate and controversial content but it also achieved great popularity among people.

Keemstar called his moderator, Alex on Battlecam.com a nigger and after that, he was accused of being a racist. It the end, this conflict became a meme, and there are even compilation videos on YouTube to watch. He got the next critic in 2016 for live streaming half-naked, underage girls and the video is from 2010. he even did not attend his snow for one week.

Another problem came up when he posted a video talking about the death of TotalBiscuit, and that he cannot wait to report about that. The public condemned Keemstar for that speaking because TotalBiscuit revealed that he had cancer. When he saw what kind of damage he made he deleted videos but many people have already saved a copy of the video before it was removed from the channel. Keemstar was also banned from owning a YouTube channel for some time, but it did not last long. His YouTube channel had one million subscribers in February 2016. The next year his channel reached the number of 2 million subscribers, and in October 2017 he finally got the number of the 3 million subscribers.

Awards & Achievements

Keemstar does not have any award won so far. He did not get any of the prestige YouTube awards. No one wants to give a special award for harassment of the people on the social platform.

Keemstar Net Worth 2024


Keemstar net worth is estimated at around $2.5 million, and his income came from his popular YouTube channel. He posted on Tweeter five years ago that his net worth is much more than the public knows, and that the right information is not revealed. There are no official proofs to demonstrate his claims.

His content on the channel is still very controversial, questionable and involves many people from the YouTube scene. Four years ago there was a petition for closing his channel because of the provocative content. The petition was all about racism incident with his moderator Alex and the way how he harasses other people. The people claim that all the videos from his channel are fabricated stories and petition collect 5000 signatures. They did not succeed in intention to take down his channel, and we can expect more controversial stories from Keemstar.