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Stephanie Hayden Net Worth 2024

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Five years old children play with their toys-girls play with Barbie and boys with cars. But five years old Stephanie Hayden has played with real guns. At that age, she learned how to shoot and develop her love for weapons.

She is an American firearms specialist and gunsmith just like her dad, which means that she is skilled in repairing and servicing firearms.

Stephanie gained popularity through the reality TV show “Sons of Guns” which was aired from 2011 to 2014. A Discovery Channel TV gun show left the public thrilled until the very end.

So, let’s find out more details from the private and professional life of this controversy person.

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Stephanie Hayden was born in 1980, and she is Caucasian by ethnicity. Rumors claim that she was born as a boy, but the rumor remains unconfirmed.

Her father had a significant influence on her, so Stephanie was introduced to shooting at a very young age. She joined her father’s company “Red Jacket firearms LLC” soon after finishing school.

The company manufactures customized guns and sells it to private collectors and government security agencies. As Stephanie showed up as a very talented in this field, she managed to rise to the position of manager and later the partner of the company.

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Stephanie Hayden Net Worth 2024

Stephanie Hayden made a lot of money as the partner at “Red Jacket Firearm LLC” and through the reality TV show. “Sons of Guns” drew high ratings during its run, so at one moment it was extended from an initial 30 minutes duration to a full hour. She earned around 150,000 per episode.

So, how much Stephanie is wealthy by 2024? It is estimated that her net worth is as high as 500,000 dollars.

Moreover, her father Will Hayden has a net worth of over 1.75 million dollars, and her husband Kris Ford has a sumptuous earning, too.

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Married life

Stephanie’s husband, Kris Ford, is also a firearms expert and works as a production manager at her father’s company. He took part in the mentioned reality show, too. The couple has two children together and a son from Stephanie’s previous marriage with William Scott.

Stephanie and Kris were arrested on the charge of child abuse and assault in October 2014. It was alleged that Kris was brutally hit the child’s thighs and buttocks and Hayden didn’t do anything to stop him. The couple was arrested but was able to post bail.

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Stephanie’s Father

Stephanie’s father, Will Hayden, also dealt with the police. He was convicted of numerous criminal activities including several sexual charges.

In 2014, Will was accused of raping and sexually abusing 12 years old girl. Later, his daughter revealed that he was sexually abusing her, too.

Will Hayden is now in prison. He was sentenced to a 40 years jail term for rape of two girls between the ages of 11 and 13. The show “Sons and Guns” was put off after he was prosecuted.