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Ondria Hardin Net Worth 2024

Ondria Hardin is a fashion model born in Lumberton, North Carolina, USA. Her birthday is on 30 April 1997. Ondria’s career has been surrounded by controversy because of the companies she worked with when she was very young. She was featured in many high profile publications so far.

Early Life

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Not much is known about Ondria’s private life before her modeling career, but we do know that she grew up in North Carolina. At only thirteen years old, Ondria was a participant in a pageant that helped to get her discovered. After that, she started working as a model in Japan.

Modeling Career

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Ondria Hardin has worked with many famous companies, including Prada and Marc Jacobs. When she was still underage, Ondria appeared in Marc Jacobs FW 2012 fashion show. That appearance was controversial because of her age, but Marc Jacobs defended his decision to hire Ondria. Another controversy occurred when Ondria worked for Channel, but that did not stop her career.

Ondria Hardin has worked for some of the most famous publications, like Allure and Vogue. She has done catwalks for many brands such as Dior, Michael Kors, Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabbana, and Louis Vuitton. As Ondria started to mature, her age stopped being an issue and a center of controversies.

She had some projects with Valentino Company, which is a part of Qatar’s Valentino Fashion Group, as well as BottegaVeneta, which is owned by the Gucci Group. Ondria appeared on the Top 50 models list, made by a website called models.com.

Ondria Hardin Net Worth 2024

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Some sources report about Ondria Hardin’s net worth and claim that it is more than 700 000 dollars. Her successful career in modeling has brought her much money despite all the controversies that she was involved in. Ondria has appeared on many publication covers, as well as in various fashionshows. As her career is evidently advancing, we will not be surprised when her wealth continues to grow.

Personal Life and Social Media

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There isn’t much information about Ondria’s romantic relationships. Some sources report that she is not looking for a relationship as she is still young. Ondria is focusing on her career in the fashion industry. She is active on social media platforms and has more than 23 000 followers on her Instagram account. She posts personal photos, including pictures with her pet dog, as well as photographs from photoshoots.