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Signs a stripper genuinely likes you


These are signs that a stripper is interested in you and not looking at you as a trick.

1) She tells you her real name (assuming it really is her real name). This is kind of a weak one but it’s sometimes an indicator. Definitely not a strong one though.

2) She gives you her real (home) phone number (not her cell). I’d say this one is just a little bit stronger than giving her real name. If she has a landline and she lets you call her on it, that’s a stronger signal than a cell number. Most strippers don’t want you calling them on a number their friends/family might pick up.

3) You talk to her outside of the club and not about business. Again, a little stronger than the previous two but still nothing extraordinary.

4) She invites you to her place and/or to meet her friends. This is probably the strongest so far, assuming she doesn’t use her place for incalls and her friends aren’t strippers.

5) You hang out with her and/or go on trips with her for which she is not compensated by you. I think that’s a strong indicator, assuming she’s not just trying to get you to see her more at the club.

6) You smash for free.

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