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Heidi Montag Playboy Pics

Reality star Heidi Montag aka Heidi Pratt took off her clothes for a new photo shoot for Playboy Magazine. As the attention seekers she and her husband Spencer Pratt are, they made sure to come out and show Heidi’s September 2009 Playboy cover to the whole world at the Los Angeles Screening of “G.I.JOE:The Rise of Cobra” on Thursday (August 6).

Heidi is dirty with a Playboy bunny drawn on her while wearing a simple white bikini. Heidi said there wouldn’t be full frontal nudity but it would be tasteful… I don’t think that cover is tasteful but it sure is totally disappointing! We have seen Heidi in a bikini various times! If Playboy really paid her $500,000 for that, no wonder Hugh Hefner has to sell the magazine soon.

Spencer is a p.i.m.p