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Shane Madej Net Worth 2024

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Shane Madej is a famous filmmaker, writer, and producer. He is also a YouTuber, and he reached his popularity while working for the BuzzFeed. As a producer of the show, he also made BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural in 2018.


Shane Alexander Madej was born in Chicago, Illinois on May 16, 1986. His father is Mark Madej, and his mother’s name is Sherry. He has a brother called Scott, and Shane, alongside his family, spent Shane’s early years in the suburbs of Chicago, in a place called Village of Schaumburg. Shane Madej finished Schaumburg’s high school, and afterward, he attended Columbia College which is located in Chicago, Illinois in the United States.


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It is unclear if Shane Madej finished his university education. It is also unknown what he did prior to joining BuzzFeed. Madej got publicly known after his first video called Unusual Facts About Diet Coke in 2014, which he created for BuzzFeed. Afterward, he contributed to the company by working with The Try Guys. The Try Guys consist of a group of four men who are trying out many different things and are making comments about how they experienced the things they tried. Madej also created many videos such as Let Some Dogs Watch TV, and What Your Birthday Says About You.

His first acting part for the media company was in Secretly Awkward Moments You Want To Disappear From, and that was back in 2014. In 2016 he worked with Ryan Bergara on a project for their web series called BuzzFeed Unsolved, and their first documentary was titled 3 Horrifying Cases of Ghosts and Demons. After the web series achieved its success, the two realized that they make up for a great team, and soon worked on some other projects. BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural was created in 2016, and that became even more successful than their previous installment. It is running for three years now, and another project Madej worked with Bergara was also for BuzzFeed Unsolved, but this time the installations name was called True Crime. That also began running in 2016, and it continued up to now.

Due to its popularity and fame, Shane Madej became enlisted in almost every video and show that the media company created. He was seen in Ruining History from 2017 to 2018, and Worth It that aired from 2016 up till 2018. What made Supernatural series so popular is Madej’s skepticism about ghosts, and that made up for a funny content as the showrunner appearing in a documentary about ghosts doesn’t believe that they exist.

Personal life

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When it comes to his personal life details, Shane Madej isn’t very open about it, and there isn’t that much information on his free time activities. What we do know is that Mane has been dating his fellow colleague Sara Rubin, but unfortunately for many fans out there, both Madej and Rubin haven’t talked about their romantic relationship that much.

Social media

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Shane Madej’s popularity increases each day, and with his work at BuzzFeed, he is gaining more and more fans as well as more and more followers on various social media platforms. For example, on his Instagram account, he has more than half a million followers, and his Twitter account isn’t far away too. His Facebook page, however, isn’t as followed as other media, but that still doesn’t change the fact that Madej is very popular these days. He uses his popularity to inform people about projects he is working on and to promote various endeavors he participates in. There you can also see some small details he shares from his personal life.

Shane Madej Net Worth 2024

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Shane Madejos 6 feet and three inches tall, and that is approximately 1.93 meters. His exact weight is unknown, but you can guess by his slim figure and his height. He has light brown eyes and dark brown hair color. Regarding his net worth, he began getting some serious cash over time when he started working for BuzzFeed. To this day and year, 2024 his estimated net worth is around $1 million, but that won’t stay in place, as he will for sure continue to work for the media company, and his income can only get bigger.