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Misa Campo Net Worth 2024, Husband, Bio, Age

Michika Deveaux, known as Misa Campo, is a Canadian model and Instagram star. She was born on the 28th of January 1988, in Montreal, by parents with Dutch and Filipino origins. Misa grew up in with her father in California, USA and visiting her sisters and mother frequently in Canada. The separated life brought her many problems, and she often skipped school, which led to more significant problems after, but somehow, she managed to graduate. Still, she never attended University.

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Early Life and Career

Since she finished only high school with difficulties, she didn’t have any chance for an upper – paying job positions. Therefore, she worked as a bartender and waitress, in a night club in Montreal. Luckily for Misa, the owner of the club had some connections in the modeling world, and she quickly started her modeling career. Soon, she became a model for Sports Compact Performance – one of the biggest sports car shows in Canada.

Soon after that, her modeling career blossomed, and she even won the Rocawear Canada beauty pageant in 2006. After that, she moved to L.A. to find a better modeling job. For some time, she struggled and even worked as a waitress, but she managed to find a full – time job as a model.

The year 2011 was Misa’s year, as she cooperated with FHM Magazine and was listed in ”100 Sexiest Women” by the same magazine. Her popularity grows over time, and now she is quite famous among models and influencers on Instagram.

As follows, her Instagram page has gained a lot of attention at the moment she opened it, and for a rapid time, she had over 100,000 followers. Misa is now collaborating with many famous brands and promoting them online. She keeps posting new photos every day and has over 10 thousand likes in a single picture.

Misa today has around 300,000 followers on her Instagram page. Apart from that, she has over 1.7 million followers on her F.B. page, and her Twitter account has over 45, 000 followers.

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Misa Campo Net Worth 2024

Misa is now a successful model with lots of fans and followers, both in real and online life. She made good money with her modeling career, and her wealth is increasing year by year. However, for now, it is estimated that her net worth is $1 million. It might look modest, but knowing how she started and that she did it by herself, it is impressive.

Personal Life and Relationships

Misa Campo is one of those models who prefer to keep their life private. However, there is no way to hide everything from the public when you are an all – present Internet sensation, so it is known that Misa dated Max Linder in 2012.  Although those two broke up a long time ago, Misa hides her relationship status from the public eye. Nevertheless, it is speculating these days, that Misa is single.

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Misa doesn’t share any specific news about her family and private life. Despite this, we know that she is aware of the influence she has on the Internet, and she uses that for a good cause by participating and promoting charity events such as Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser Car Show, organized by Team District in 2014.