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Margot Robbie Net Worth 2024

An actress and a producer, Margot Robbie, is an excellent addition to a Hollywood scene. The last few years were very successful for Margot, and in this period she became worldwide famous.

Early Life and Career

She worked on two projects that got her well known. First of these two projects is “The Wolf of Wall Street,” where she played a significant role. The other project is “Suicide Squad,” where we know her as Harley Quinn. These project brought Margot fame and glory. Also, after these roles, her net worth reached $8 million.

Margot Elise Robbie was born in Queensland, Australia on July 2, 1990. She grew up on a farm with her mother, brother, and sister. Her parents were divorced, and Margot didn’t have any contact with her father. Margot’s childhood was not carefree – she started to work at the age of 10 and had to work three jobs to help her family. After she studied drama in high school, Margot moved to Melbourne to start an acting career.

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Margot’s career started with small commercials and TV roles in some Australian movies. The first important part she got in 2008 in the TV series “Neighbours,” where she had a guest role. Afterward, Margot became a regular cast member. She participated in this series until 2010 when she tried her career in Hollywood. Soon after she got there, Margot got a role in “PanAm,” a TV show which introduced her to the American audience. In 2013 she played in a romantic comedy “About Time.” This movie was her first big Hollywood film.

Margot’s milestone in a career was a role in “The wolf from Wall Street,” where she played together with Leonardo DiCaprio. This film became Martin’s Scorsese’s most paid movie, so for Margot also this project was a huge success. After this triumph, she got roles in the film “Focus,” where she played with Will Smith. In 2016 Margot starred in the movie “Suicide Squad” in which she played Harley Quinn. Some critics consider this role as the best part of this movie. Margo also appeared in “I, Tonya” and for this part, she got nominated for a Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress.

In addition to her acting career, she is also a successful model. With her good looks, Margot couldn’t miss fashion commercials and magazine covers. The sweet blonde was Calvin Klein’s model of choice, and she was promoting their fragrance Deep Euphoria. The new bombshell of Hollywood appeared in photos for Harper’s Bazar. Last year Margot was the new face of the brand Richard Mille.

Robbie also represented brands such as Saint Lauren, Gucci, CHAOS, and Nissan. Besides looking beautiful, Margot also founded Lucky Chap Entertainment, her production company.


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Until last year, Margot used to live in London where she shared a flat with a couple of roommates. This house was not expensive, and her value was around $0,9 million. At this time Margot owns the home in Hancock Park, in Los Angeles. As per her sayings, she still doesn’t feel like calling Los Angeles home, and she is still missing her homeland, Australia. However, Margot’s home in Los Angeles is quite impressive. It has quite a large cabana, a wine cellar, a pool, bistro styled kitchen and a master suite with a big balcony. The price tag of this mansion is $2,73 million.

Margot is an ambassador for electric cars for Nissan, so she is driving their models BladeGlider and Nissan Leaf. Besides these two models, it’s now known that she owns the vehicle. But, according to the fact that she secretly got married to a British producer Tom Ackerley, we can expect that she is hiding her cars also.

Margot Robbie Net Worth 2024

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Right now, Margot is taking over the movie industry with her skills and good looks. At the beginning of her career, she was getting $5,000 per episode. “The Wolf of the Wall Street” brought her $350,000 and “About time” another $400,000. Margot’s role in “Z for Zachariah” earned her $600,000. Nowadays, she is getting $1 million per movie role. So, as we can see, her earnings are getting higher.

Her net worth in 2012 was $4,1 million. In 2015 this number increased to $7,2 million. Today, her net worth got a value of $8 million. If we consider that she is young, famous and talented, we are sure that she’ll be making more money over time.