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Paul Wall Net Worth 2024

Paul Wall is an American rapper, producer, and DJ who started his professional career back in 1999. Through that time, he cooperated with many famous artists. He has won 3 awards from his music and received one Grammy nomination. Let’s find out more about his career, personal life, and how much he earns.

Musical Career

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Discovering his talent for music in childhood, the career of Paul Wall was pretty clear. He started rapping with his friend Mike Jones while in Jersey Village High School. After dropping out of the University of Houston, he committed himself fully to creating the music.

Working with Chamillionaire and Michael Watts helped him to drop  “Choppin Em Up Part 2,” a record that was hit on the local streets.

He also started a rap group named “The Color Changin.” They achieved a lot of popularity and Wall decided to leave the band and start his solo career.

The first solo album “Chick Magnet” was released in 2004 and didn’ make a boom. However, the fame came next year with his second album “The Peoples Champ.”

2006 and 2007 were golden years in Paul’s career. He released a new album called “Get Money, Stay True” that reached number 8 on Billboard Hot 200. From that period dates one of his most popular songs “Grillz,” too.

Since 2009 to 2016 he released seven more albums and several singles.

Acting Career

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Paul Wall was also noticed in four movies: “Furnace” with Ja Rule in 2006, “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” with Jesse Bradford and Matt Czuchry in 2009, “Xtinction: Predator X” in 2010, and “Cash or Crash” in 2011. Wall’s last movie appearance was in 2014 when he starred in “The Holy Spoof,” a theatrical movie directed by Isaac Yowman.

We should mention that Paul was featured in the “Battle Rap Stars” video game in 2011.

Paul Wall Net Worth 2024

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A long and successful Paul’s rapping career provided him the amount of 5 million dollars of his worth net.

Personal life

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Paul Wall is in marriage with Christal with whom he has two children. This couple is giving hope to all people who have problems with overweight.

Namely, Paul and Christal struggled with weight loss for a long time. They tried diets and workouts, but that didn’t make much difference. Then, in 2010, Paul decided to get gastric sleeve surgery. After that, he lost 100lbs, and together they lost 200 pounds.

Christal now has a studio where she teaches women how to get in shape and eat healthier. The happy pair says that having children was an additional deciding factor in starting to eat right. Now, they are providing support to all who want to lead a healthy life.