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Mikey Barone Net Worth 2024

Although some of you haven’t heard of him, most of the young generation recognize Mikey Barone. He is youthful and perspective social media influencer. He began with his youtube channel, where he had around 80, 000 fans. Following he moved his audience to Instagram after the platform became extra popular.

Early life and career

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Mikey is born on July 2nd, 1999 in Rhode Island, USA. This 20-year-old influencer turned early his social media impact to the business in his early teenage years. It happened mainly because of his isolated childhood, as his family was constantly moving Mikey couldn’t find a proper way of making friends, therefore, he turned to the social network in order to get closer to the people. Furthermore, he doesn’t share any detailed information about his education and family.

He first started posting his videos on Vine. However, he dropped it and switch to YouNow, where he posted videos of himself on a broader audience and got an enormous response. Soon he overcame YouNow and switched to Instagram, where he now enjoys in popularity of thousands of followers. He often says how he owns everything to this app. Currently, he makes most of his money by posting videos, mostly Q&A on YouTube.

Followers and fans


Mikey today has 160,000 followers on Instagram, on Twitter around 66, 000 followers and 70, 000 on YouNow. Also, he has a YouTube channel where he has 47,000 subscribers. We can say that this modern man is quite charming and he found a way how to attract so many fans for sure. His friends say that it is mainly because of Mikey’s bright personality.

Mikey uses his fast-growing popularity to attend significant social events such as Vidcon, PressPlay Tour, Good Times Tour. He also gets the chance to meet other famous influencers and celebrities. Still, his main influence remained Cameron Dallas, also a young influencer.

Personal life

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Mikey had some public relationships, mostly with influencers, like him. His first open relationship was with singer Maggie Linderman. But, they didn’t last long. After that, Mikey started dating Nicole Anderson, an influencer with over 110,000 Instagram followers, and these two are getting great together, not shaming to show it online.

As we could see, they are still dating, and they have shared some personal stories, for instance, about their first chat on Snapchat, and many more.

The couple enjoys trips over the USA, and both of them are always on social media, showing one another in their best editions.

Despite being in a public relationship with Nicole, most of Mikey followers were questioning him about his sexuality. There were certain rumors that Mikey is gay because of his strong bond with close friend Bruce Hall, but he denied such rumors and publicly announced that his sexual orientation is straight.

There are numerous interesting facts about this young influencer; however, what is the fascinating thing about Mikey is that he is not a social person in general. Although, he is a social media influencer, he doesn’t like public spaces, crowds, and communication with lots of people. Moreover, he avoids concerts, shopping malls, etc.

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Mikey Barone Net Worth 2024

Mikey Barone is earning very well from his influence job, around $700,000 annually. We believe that his wealth will increase with the growth of his popularity, and we can say without any doubt, that the number of followers is growing day by day on all his social profiles, thanks to his interesting videos and original stories.