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Michelle Mylett Net Worth 2024

Michelle Mylett is a Canadian – born rising star in the acting world. You may know her from the TV series ”Letterkenny” that was filmed from 2016 until 2019, and the movie ”El Camino Christmas” (2017). She is also known for the appearance in the TV mini-series ”Ascension” (2014). We believe that Hollywood is the next station for this young actress, and we might not be far from the truth.

Early life and career

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Michelle Mylett is born on 4th January 1990 in Ladysmith, Canada. She has started her career in 2013 with the horror ”Antisocial” and after that, she appeared in the sequel ”Antisocial 2” in 2015. Michelle enjoyed while acting in horror movies, so she appeared in another one ”The Drownsman” in 2014.

After these projects, Michelle started getting bigger roles which opened many doors for her. She got the role in TV series ”Letterkenny” thanks to which Michelle became a star. New projects were on the rise, and in the same year of 2017, Michelle soon got a part in (again) horror film ”Buckout Road” and later in the movie ”El Camino Christmas”.

However, she is constantly on the move, with the upcoming movies such as ”Goliath” (the release year 2024).

Moreover, it is also confirmed that Michelle will appear in the video game ”The Complex” which is also scheduled for 2024.

Private life and relationships

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It is known that Michelle doesn’t share her details about her life before she got famous, therefore, we couldn’t find more about her childhood and family. However, now she is more open to public about her personal life. It is official that Michelle is dating Jesse Antler and that they have a long – term relationship status. Apart from that, she has open accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Her appearance on social media is getting a lot of attention, and she uses Instagram mostly, where she has the biggest number of followers (130, 000). On the Instagram platform, she presents herself in private life, often taking pictures with her boyfriend, dogs, etc. While on Twitter, she gladly shares her opinion about random topics and current events, shares talks and ideas and communicates with followers, which she has around 30, 000.

Her FB profile is also quite popular and counts 4,000 followers. After all, we can say that Michelle is down to earth and likes to keep it simple.

Moreover, Michelle is a good – looking young actress, and she is 1.73m tall and has 50kg, which makes her measurements adequate for a model. Her blonde hair and blue eyes contribute to her beauty, and she could easily start a modeling career if she gets tired of acting at one point.

Michelle Mylett Net Worth 2024

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Michelle already appeared in several movies and TV shows and her career is still growing and it is just a question of time when Michelle is going to be a world-famous actor.

She is on a good way of becoming one, and her incomes are growing as her career, simultaneously.

At this moment, Michelle’s net worth is estimated to be $500,000, which is very impressive for this young actor, knowing that she had just started with serious projects.