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Celebrities that Vape

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Somewhere around the year 2004 or 2005 arrived the first-ever Electronic cigarettes, but they were not as impressive or filled with features as of today’s e-cigs. However, e-cigarettes or e-smoking has started to get popularized around the world after 2007. After continuous feedback from the e-smoking community, the technology has seen immense upgrades and improvers over the years. E-cigarettes have become much more frequent in our daily lives, however, with e-cigs’ popularity came a bunch of other different types of electronic ways of smoking. You can now find mini e-cigarettes, vaporizers or vapes, vape mods, vape pens and many more. Vapes have become even more successful than regular e-cigarettes because of their numerous features, bigger battery, and overall better taste and experience.

The real reason why vaping has become so popular is because of its amazing nicotine delivery system when compared to older and more traditional methods such as regular cigarettes. Even 30 years ago people started looking for ways to quit cigarettes forever with things such as nicotine patches, gums or even chewing raw tobacco. However, nothing has been as effective as vapes are today.

Vaping is a much safer option when compared to traditional smoking because it doesn’t supply your lungs with smoke, but with steam.

Because of its effectiveness and popularity, a lot of celebrities have taken up vaping. Here are some of the most famous stars you can find them vaping instead of smoking.

Leonardo DiCaprio

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Who hasn’t heard of one of the most famous actors, Leonardo DiCaprio? If you haven’t, you probably know him through his work on the movie “Titanic” and more recently, from his acting in “Django Unchained”, “Wolf of Wall Street” or Quentin Tarantino’s latest film, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”

DiCaprio has been seen vaping on multiple occasions while enjoying a beer, but he has also been seen vaping at various events such as the Oscars, Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards and more.

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Johnny Depp

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Johnny Depp, the all-known pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has also been seen with a vape. Depp is one of the more openly celebrities who love to vape even in his own movies.

Samuel L. Jackson

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This legendary actor, now mostly known because of his role as Nick Fury in the Marvel Universe. You have also probably seen him in many cult movies such as Goodfellas, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown and more.

Samuel L. Jackson often posts pictures or videos of him vaping at home, at work or on a plane on his Twitter. He really is proud of his vaping habit.

Jack Nicholson

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Jack’s famous quote “Here’s Johnny!” from the movie “The Shining” will always be stuck in our heads. Jack Nicholson has mentioned on various occasions that he prefers vaping or electronic cigarettes because of health reasons. He has been seen vaping openly on multiple occasions, including at film award events, sporting events or at movie premieres.