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10 Best Online Fantasy Games For Every Gaming Enthusiast in 2020

If there’s anything that rivals Bollywood’s status in India, it’s sports. Be it Cricket or Football, you will see gully tournaments in every block...

Change In Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is very much on the way up as it continues to catch a wider audience. In large part, this is due to...

6 Ways the Coronavirus Pandemic Is Affecting Online Sports Betting

We assume that there is no need to say what Coronavirus pandemic is. The entire world for the first time has the same problem....

Most Common Bingo Superstitions

Have you ever avoided walking under a ladder? Or been especially anxious after a black cat has crossed your path? Yes, most will agree...

Should I Study Esports in College?

The idea that you could study competitive video gaming would have baffled anyone 20 years ago. Why would anyone pay to go to college...

Top 7 European Countries That Gamblers Adore in 2021

The betting local area numbers a huge number of individuals all throughout the planet, however there are nations in which betting is generally well...