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Atlanta Groupie Of The Day @DamnImAamazin Charmaine Coleman

We haven’t had a groupie of the day post in a minute, and a lot of people were loving it.. Atlanta has to be ranked the top 5 cities in the US for groupies. You have a lot professionals that you would never know about unless you knew some one, who knew some one. Here is something I found in my inbox today from the sister of Eric Weems @ericweems (NFL kick returner and wide receiver for Chicago Bears, former Atlanta Falcons). She sent us some (niceee) nude pictures that she sent Eric that I doubt would of been on her Facebook/Twitter page. You can read the email your self below..

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“She fukked nothing but athletes and ni$$as in the industry. Kevin Dockery (Giants), Bryan Thomas (NY Jets), JR Smith (Knicks), Mikeal Pietrus (Celtics),OJ Mayo, Zach Randolph, Marrees Speights (Grizzles),DJ Don Cannon and countless others..”