Nationally syndicated afternoon radio host Michael Baisden is leaving radio and not entirely of his own volition, reports The Atlanta Journal Consti*ution/AccessAtlanta. Baisden, heard locally on Majic 107.5/97.5, reported this information via Twitter yesterday morning.

His final day was supposed to be Friday, March 29. Baisden and comedian co-host George Willborn were supposed to begin the farewells after 10 years on radio on yesterday’s show.

However, AccessAtlanta reports that when Baisden arrived at cu*ulus radio studios to begin his broadcast, he discovered that he had been locked out and a repeat show was aired.

It’s not clear whether Baisden will get the opportunity to bid his audience farewell on the cu*ulus network, but he is using his massive social media following to share his thoughts about the situation and hint at possible future plans.

“All their action does is make me more determined than ever to come back! And next time there will be no middlemen between me, my affiliates, and my listeners. Lesson learned! I’ll miss you family, stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter for my daily inspiration post and updates on the return of The MB Show! The journey continues!!!”

AccessAtlanta reports that Radio Facts says cu*ulus is upset because Baisden released information about his pending departure before negotiations were over, which is why they locked him out of his studios.

Baisden, an author and speaker who loves talking about relationships on the air, has been hosting a radio show since 2003. He organized a rally for the Jena Six in 2007 and was a supporter of President Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008.

He was first heard on Atlanta radio on what was then known as Grown Folks 102.5, which was an amalgam of R&B and talk. He migrated to Majic in 2009 when Radio One dropped smooth jazz at 107.5.

Baisden’s departure creates a potential opening for Frank Ski, who left V-103 because CBS couldn’t provide him a syndicated show. Ski is currently pitching a syndicated show. (Ski didn’t proffer any insight into that possbility.)

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  • GenevaF

    I was sorry to hear that my favorite radio talk show host was leaving,
    Just want to say thank you for keeping us informed of hot button issues happening around the nation, like Jena 6, Trayvon Martin, supporting President Barack Obamas’ Campaign in 2008, and stressing the importance of his Re-election.

    Baisden Live was the “Best Radio Show” ever. I will visit Baisden Live on Facebook & Twitter. God Bless You, GF.

  • Tegra

    I was soo upset when I put on my favorite radio show only to find it wasn’t there, the devil is busy and I guess Michael had too much to say. So join me in not listening until they bring Michael Baisden back,

    • tony mobley

      I’m with you on that.

  • Patricia

    Wake up people this is all about his influence with people in politics. He has millions of listeners who admire him and respect what he says. THEY WANT ALL PEOPLE OF COLOR TO SHUT THE F— UP. We should shut our eyes and let “THEM” say and do anything to our President. You know it is all about our Black President and the good he is trying to do for the people in our country and other countries. He is going down in history as one of the most caring and devoted Presidents in history.
    I sincerely hope I live to see all his good deeds become reality.

    • tony mobley

      that’s what it is they can’t take black people. an way is that

    • Wheezer

      It’s not just because of his outspokeness of the President, but also his stand for Jenna 6 and now, Travon Martin. That’s the one thing we love about Michael Baisden, he’s not a cutie who can’t get his a piece of dirt on his shiny suit or a under his fingernail like some we know, but he not only speak the truth, but leads the people. So what a better way to shut him up especially right at the beginning of the Travon Martin trial! We ain’t fools!

  • V Lundy

    I’m leaving too

    • odell

      did Steve have anything to do with this?

  • Kem

    It’s really a sad day to hear that Mr. Baisden has left radio. It’s a down right shame.

  • tony mobley

    put him back on hot 105 fm. in miami,fl.

  • tony mobley

    well I tell you I’m waiting for you to come back my brother.

  • Willie Haugabook

    hi mike had not heard from u in augusta ga
    did not know what happen miss u on 96.3
    some body did not like the good you was doing
    u will be back

  • I not suprized.In the begining his was interesting to listen too.Good Topics Good guests and Daily subjects.But in the last two years all he did was play music for 20 to 30 minutes with three minutes of talk.Even his guess only got to speak one to two minutes at a time.Basicly his show became very boring to those of us who like talk radio.

    • jefferson

      it all started when he talk about kissing Obama ass 24/7

  • Michael H. James

    Damn come back Mike sooooon, I’m NOT feeling this Skip Murphy crap.