Some exclusive SHOW magazine model pictures of Keyshia Dior, Amazin Amie and Ophilia. Propz Redz Gotti

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  • Uncle D

    what a great gift!

    • Forty_and_Fly_Guy

      You ain’t never lie, Unc!

  • me

    so i guess im the only one disturbed by amazin amie’s face. its just so harsh and mean-looking. she should defintely smile more

    • Samanosuke

      I second that! May help her look a little more feminine too.

  • Just saying

    These pics are done well…

  • BigBlackDude

    A rainbow coalition of honeys! I’d take em all, charge that shit to my Amex, it’s all business baby!

  • drestackones

    amy got exposed sellin i mean she worked for an escort

    • MoorFedayeen

      They all do. Whatchu think, these punk ass pictures pay their bills. A large percentage of the worlds woman trick one way or another and I don’t blame ’em. Side note: this post would of been complete with LA in it.