Karrine “Superhead” Steffans surfaces once again after stopping by the hotel room of Bow Wow to watch Monday Night Football.

“It’s not what you think it is, okay,”
14c7fax Watch This: Bow Wow And Superheads Bathroom Confessional 14c7fax Watch This: Bow Wow And Superheads Bathroom Confessional

“But nah on some real Sh*t like that’s my homie though, I’ll vouch for her,” he added. “She like real fuckin’ cool, man. Unless ya’ll know her personally, you can’t say Sh*t.”

Bow Wow said with a laugh while speaking in a bathroom mirror as Karrine captured the confessional.

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  • DCAssLuva

    nigga we know u got your dick sucked by superhead. i seen the movie wit marcus i wouldnt be ashamed too get sucked by her lol.

    why else u randomly hanging wit superhead in 2012 bouta be 2013 she was famous in like 05 06 or something.Homie or not the homie got good head game she can suck me just sayin.

    he really tryna explain it knowing we wont believe it lol u didnt have too make a video in the 1st place.If u hang wit superhead u hang wit superhead do u bruh.

    • NoWhiteINmyCup

      Agree either that or damage control, The only reason for hanging with this broad who blasts everybody in her books , is to get a rougher or edgy image, I.E = BOW WOW the little boy or Neyo , NO DIFFERENT than Justin Bieber all of a sudden getting in news for bad shiiit , Sad thing is that nobody still aint paying bow wow azz no attention.

      • DCAssLuva

        yeah since he grown up nobody dont care about bowwow he was famous when he was little bowwow.

        Me i woulda been like she the homie she flirts alot. i always been wondering what the head game is like. i seen the sextape so karrine whats poppin just 1 time can u suck me off your flirtin ass.

        no games wit it or nothing she seem cool like he saying but hell in the back of my mind i would be wondering how good it is.

    • haha yeah. not me though,superhead would BLOW my mind…literally haha.

  • hmm…kinda weird to see superhead in 2012. thing is this brings about assumptions lol. i’m sure he invited her over to his place for the game. ordered some chinese food or pizza,maybe drinking,and cool conversation with the homies. i mean, that’s what people do when they watch football games right?

  • DCAssLuva

    shocked this aint made worldstar yet

  • MoorFedayeen

    N1gga bout the same height as her.

  • Fresh718

    Damn she seem like a cool azz chick to chill with….And she give good azz head.

    We know damn well Bow wow got some before he left town,I don’t blame him.

    • MoorFedayeen

      “seem like a cool azz chick to chill with”

      N1gga you off yo damn rocker. You been under a rock the last 5 years or something??? This b1tch is a snake and the worst. She could die and no one would feel an ounce of sympathy.

  • This got to be the dumbest Nigga on the planet. This bitch is bad luck waiting to happen. You would think this Nigga would keep better company than this. Talking bout I vouch for her you a hoe ass nigga

  • williedynamite

    man these cats probly still be payin this broad for the puss… smh

  • Its funny how he said they was just watching the game…so why is he getting dressed LMAO

  • Bill Maher ol’ chick right here.

    F*ck these h0es….smdh

  • queso (The Corp)

    she just hanging around whoever she can nowadays! shi# was corny

  • BzB

    lol @ it’s not what u think it is. dude…u a lame if u didn’t get your d1ck wet. how bout vouching for that. foh with that “she’s the homie” bs.

    • presto 2.5


  • Birdman202

    Just because she has that past doesn’t mean that she ain’t cool chic. I’m sure we all know some females that do they thing but they still cool in the process. Yeah he got some head.. see these type woman will always be in demand because their good at what they do. Hell your girl now has gave head before she got with you and you kissed her right. A woman will never tell you how cocks she has sucked if you want to make her wifey then that’s what it is.

  • crabapples

    cool that you vouching for superhead but you about 6 years late. nobody gives a fuk anymore about her. she’s obviously trying to get relevant again.

  • Birdman202

    Never said i was vouching for her i’m saying look at it for what it is plus she bow wow ain’t nobody for her to become relevant again. That’s like saying a hooker doesn’t have or can’t be friends with a guy because she sleeps with a bunch of men.

  • Don’t be fooled. Super brain be extorting the nikkas that she slept with in the past. You all saw how she played Winslow saying he like the “banana in the tail pipe”. She got all them cats in check, and they sending checks too to keep her quiet, Bill Maher included. She is the devil in a dress. You see how Bow Wow look kind of shook in this video?