Afternoon Thickness : Mizz DR And Yami Doll Video

· January 22, 2011

Mizz DR And Yami Doll Video live on stage showing the crowd they got a donk. Who’s booty looked better in action Mizz DR or Yami Doll(gla@$$@)?

Mizz DR Dancing..

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  1. D'mage' says:

    The DR, look like Yami got hip padz on…lol

  2. me says:

    wtf, they look tacky as hell.

    • MoorFedayeen says:

      Like str8 groupies but maybe that’s what they, Better Yet, that is what they are! DR got her though. The other girl’s ass looked like a sack of dirty laundry (FACT)

  3. Forty_and_Fly_Guy says:

    According to the title of the video, it is claiming one of those asses is fake. It can’t be yami dol’s cuz she got the jiggle. Is Ms. Dr’s?

  4. B strait up says:

    well I wasn’t very impressed by either one but I’m gon go wit yami bcuz her ass looks better in this video. Mz dr ass looks like spongebob lol. Asses like make me appreciate lastarya & solei a whole lot more,strait up! Chitown! “wolfpack”

  5. Tim says:

    Worse showing of two ‘suppose’ urban models ever. Don’t get me wrong I would ask for a menu, but I know I have seen better spreads. We don’t even know if the portions are real. D.R is borderline Fat, almost sloppy white girl fat.

    Doll has a square ass even wearing a corset! Again, after a few drinks you don’t care where you eat.

  6. Cutta says:

    DR all day yami doll look like she had rocks in her booty.

  7. El Negro says:

    Both are GARBAGE….Fuc yall see in this sh1t?

  8. nardo says:

    yeah DR got it…… im scared of these artificial bodies……..yami looks nasty

  9. MisterMidas says:

    Definitely Mz. DR….Yami Doll ass look nasty, even IN clothes. Take them tights off and u know that thang gone look like uugghhh. Her body just all outta proportion. Mz Dr aint perfect, but she got a whole lotta potential though, Yami just need to give it up.

  10. HEAVY says:


  11. ATL Tony says:

    Yall niggas crazy Yami ass was movin, hittin that shit from that back would be A1. DR would be better if she would get in shape she seem like the kind to get fat by the time she 25. Yami ass to long to be fake it would take about 8 or more shots to fill that up.

  12. Quai-Quai_19 says:

    I like both of them!!!

  13. gphi says:

    I’d say Yami Doll. Also, I saw this on another website & wondered what the ladies’s names were, THANKS Hahz. PEACE

  14. bklyn4life says:

    check this out and mizz dr ass look real and healthier than yami check the video promise you will like

  15. Blue says:

    DR ass look betta… You said Yami had the glasses on in the top video but I think that was DR right? That’s the same chick in the bottom but she is the one… .. tell me her ass don’t look good and she can keep on the glasses…lol

  16. Blue says:

    Man did you put a B.I. against a real one….hahahahah…lol, oh you bogus for that one…

  17. Moula says:

    DR is the sh1t! Damn she Badd!

  18. sammo says:

    mizz dr wins hands down…i don’t know what ya’ll are smokin to choose the other girl…

  19. BigBlackDude says:

    Average broads, nothing spectacular, they worth a good bounce in the sack, then on to the next one!

  20. D-Rail says:

    All i can say i like the one wit the red top too(wit glasses)….it ain’t dat big like but it looks betta to me tho. Reel talk….lol….but the other tall one looks like she got sum lumpy azz mash potatos in her booty bag…ROFL….im sorry…not feeling it. To her….don’t stick to spandex no mo….XD…it ain’t her look till it tight’n up a bit. iHo!!a! Tho i love me a woman in spandex tho….aye mami…even betta when 2 have a nice donk or boo-tay n-dem.

  21. melloluver says:

    mizz dr….never liked yami(Ugh!!)

  22. G 26's says:

    Mizz DR all day she hella bad that’s tight

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