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YoBoy PIZZA Net Worth 2024

YoBoy PIZZA is an American You Tuber that got mostly famous by playing the games online such as NBA 2K and Madden NFL, and many more. After he started his web series and ”What if” episodes, his number of subscribers rapidly increased on YouTube. Today YoBoy has over 1.2 million subscribers on his YT channel.

Who is YoBoy PIZZA?

Born as Tommy Forster, on 25th August 1995, so-called YoBoy is coming from West Mifflin, Pennsylvania. Although he doesn’t share much information about his personal life and his family, we do know that his sister Brandi Forster is also a YouTuber and has around 12, 000 subscribers. Also, YoBoy doesn’t want to share any details about his education, but we presume that he graduated from high school.

Early life and career

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Since he was a young boy, YoBoy PIZZA was a gamer, and he spent most of his time playing Xbox or Sony PlayStation solo or with his friends. One lead to another, and eventually YoBoy and his friends decided to open a YouTube channel where they will talk about video games, especially ones based on sports. The original name of the canal was Random Gaming Crew, and later it became YoBoy PIZZA.

Random Gaming Crew was playing video games online, and their first video was about ”FIFA 14 Quest to Division One Pro Clubs Episode 1,” and later they recorded the sequel too. As follows, the crew has consisted of gamers. Therefore, they played lots of different ones such as League of Legends, Minecraft, etc. However, YoBoy later decided that he is going to focus on sports games only. The crew was later released various videos like FIFA, NBA 2K, Madden and many more. Moreover, they also had few series about IRL Basketball Challenges, Nope Squad to Dope Squad, Draft Champions, etc.

Soon after that, YoBoy started his own YouTube career, and he focused on sports games. Surprisingly, several subscribers rapidly increased after he began to publish these videos alone. He has reached 500 000 subscribers in a short period. He is working on new releases such as Next One Up, where he invited a celebrity athlete which he would compete against in some of the video games, featured by Tyrek Hill, Xavier Rhodes, Lamar Jackson, and others.

Some episodes, like this one, drastically influenced the growth of his popularity. His videos have been viewed more than 360 million times, and we think that proves his popularity more than anything else.

One of the most popular videos of YoBoy is under the title of ”So Many Points Scored In the 4th QTR! Will It Be Enough? Madden 18 Packed Out” – only this one has over 4 million views. Another one with a similar number of views called ”What Happens If You Exceed The Score Limit In Madden 17?? Madden Mythbusters Ep.2” and many more.

Personal life and Internet fame

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We do now how YoBoy got famous and what he is doing on his YT channel, but there is still a lot of things we don’t know about this young Internet star. It is mostly like that because Tommy doesn’t like to share any personal information online, and his primary focus on all his social channels is sports and career development. Moreover, YoBoy has a lot of followers on Instagram (35,000 +), where we can see a glimpse of his private life, such as pictures with his friends, etc. He uses Twitter, too, where he has around 10,000 followers. However, his main channel for work is YouTube and there he has the largest audience of subscribers.

Now, you got the chance to see what YoBoy does and which subjects he covers on his YouTube channel. However, we know that you are interested to know whether this guy is making any profit out of it, and how much is that.

YoBoy PIZZA Net Worth 2024

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Tommy shares the title of ”most popular YouTuber from West Mifflin,” and that makes him famous around the area. It is estimated that young YoBoy Pizza net worth is around $5 million, which is quite impressive for a YouTuber. Believe it or not, that’s the fact, and his wealth will increase along with his popularity.