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Vanessa Murdock Net Worth 2024

Most of the people, who regularly follow CBS weather prognosis are familiar with Vanessa, and they probably know how professional she is regards the media and television business. Before that, the audience remembers her from ABC and Fox channels in Virginia.

In case some of you don’t know, Vanessa is an American meteorologist, working as a weather broadcaster for New York City’s CBS 2 Weather Team.

Early life and career

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Vanessa Murdock was born in 1978 in New York, the USA from American – born parents. She grew up in the town of Center Moriches, and after she graduated from high school, she enrolled in the University of Rochester in New York. She graduated in 2000 with the title of B.A. in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology.

Soon after she graduated from the University, Vanessa realized that she wants to continue her education. As follows, she applied for a Master Studies in Meteorology at Penn State University in 2003, and surely, was admitted. In 2005 Vanessa graduated from the University and gained the status of Master of Science for Meteorology. Moreover, Vanessa didn’t stop there and continued until she became a certified broadcast meteorologist. It resulted in her membership in the National Weather Association and American Meteorological Society.

Vanessa started her professional broadcast career after she graduated from a PSU and moved to Charlottesville, Virginia. She began to work for Grey TV as weather support and stayed there for more than a year. However, she decided to try her luck, and relocate to the other city within the same country, Norfolk, where her collaboration with FOX News Networks has started. She joined the weather team there, and soon she started working for ABC’s Network as well, forecasting the Mid – Atlantic coast.

Source: Twitter

Quickly, Vanessa’s career blossomed, and she joined ABC’s Viper Weather team in 2006. One year later, she became a member of CBS News Channel 3, where she worked as a morning meteorologist. Vanessa expanded her skills and profession at the same place within the next five years.

Vanessa never stops learning and developing as a meteorologist, and it resulted in lots of acknowledgments and certifications she proudly shares in public.

She had various occasions to prove her knowledge and skills, and she manages to show it. One of the examples is that she got the chance to cover Hurricane Irene in 2011, which she did professionally, and where she earned trust among the Weather Team. Also, she was transferred to CBS 2 Weather Team in New York in 2010, where she stayed ever since.

Maybe one of her highest acknowledgments is the nomination for Emmy Award for forecasting performance and weather casting skills on the television. Another one is that she has experience as an assistant teacher of Meteorology at the Virginia Wesleyan University.

Personal life


Vanessa Murdock is flawless in private life as she is at the T.V. while performing live. She lives a normal life and trying to keep that way, therefore, we don’t know much about her in general. However, we do know that she has a husband and two daughters and a dog. Together, they peacefully live in North Bergen, New Jersey.

Vanessa loves media, as she works on the T.V. naturally, she is connected with it. Following, she has an Instagram account, which frequently uses. Also, she has Twitter and Facebook, where she has a similar number of followers too. Overall, she has more than 9,000 followers on her social media profiles.

As we can see on social media, Vanessa loves to spend her free time with family. Together they enjoy visiting nature and doing sports activities. We can see that she is a fan of running and swimming and a huge coffee lover.

Vanessa Murdock Net Worth 2024

If you were curious about how much the “T.V. people” are earning, and how difficult it can be, here is your answer. Regarding how much she knows, and her educational background, we are quite sure it is not easy at all.

According to the sources, Vanessa’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, which is highly impressive. Her annual salary now is approximately $80, 000 and the more engaged she is, the more money she makes. Regarding that she is doing this job for more than 15 years, it is clear that dedication and hard work brought her wealth and public admiration.