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Ellen DeGeneres Net Worth 2024

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Ellen DeGeneres is America’s most famous comedy celebrity, and she has been on the Hollywood scene or decades now. She is currently best known or her talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


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Ellen Lee DeGeneres was born in Metairie, Louisiana on January 26, 1958. Ellen has a brother, Vance who is a producer and a musician. After her parents divorced, Vance went to live with their father, who was an insurance agent, and Ellen lived with her mom, a speech therapist in Atlanta, Texas.

After finishing Atlanta High School, she went to attend the University of New Orleans, and she graduated with major in communication studies.

Comedy career

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Before going to stand-up comedy, she worked many jobs, like vacuum cleaner saleswoman and bartender, amongst others. When Ellen was 23 years old, she began her stand-up comedy career in a local coffeehouse, and she was discovered by a booking agent who worked for Jimmy Carson from Jimmy Carson’s Tonight Show. After appearing on his show, Ellen got a significant breakthrough in her career, and she soon appeared in The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live and Good Morning, America.

In 1994 ABC made a comedy show with her as a leading role. The show was called Ellen, and it ran for four years, and after canceling the show in 1998, the comedian found her career standing in one place. However, in 2001, CBS created The Ellen Show, and Ellen was back.

In 2003 Ellen decided to create her own show, where she would do whatever she likes, and that show is The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and after 16 years, the show is still up and running, and judging by the popularity of it, it won’t be canceled any time soon.



Ellen was a host for Emmy and Academy Awards, and a very successful that is. She published several books, and was also an executive produced of shows like Bethenny, Repeat After Me and One Big Happy.

Ellen appeared in Mr. Wrong, EDtv and she was the voice behind the adorable fish Dory in Finding Nemo in 2003, and in 2016 in Finding Dory.

Ellen Digital Ventures is her own company, and she decided to create her private tube on YouTube called EllenTube, where you can watch things that she does. The comedian had many deals and contracts over the years, like American Express, Vitamin Water, and even Covergirl. If you ever come across to something that has the name Ellen on it that means that the comedian had her hands on it, and she is a part of that company or a product.


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Ellen said that she has various houses on her name, and she doesn’t even know what she owns. There is a mansion in Beverly Hills and an estate in Montecito. She also has two condos in the Wilshire Corridor, and probably the most expensive estate she has ever bought is a property in Santa Barbara that cost her $45 million.

When it comes to vehicles, Ellen owns Porsche 911 Carrera S for $160,000, a Porsche Turbo S, a 933 and a Porsche 911 Targa 4S. In addition to Porsche, some Ferraris are sitting in her garage. too.

Ellen DeGeneres Net Worth 2024

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Given all the endorsements, and her show it’s no wonder that she has a tremendous amount of money on her name. So far, her estimated net worth is around $360 million.