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Under Armour Net Worth 2024

Under Armour represents one of the most-known companies in footwear and apparel business. They have a wide range of different products like footwear, casual wear, and sportswear. Also, their collections are full of various trends, designs, and models.

The head office of the company is in Maryland, the United States. This successful company also has its reach in other countries such as Amsterdam, Hong-Kong, Houston, Paris, New York, Shanghai, and many more countries all over the world.

Over the years, the company established their name thanks to the teamwork and passion for what they do. The CEO and president of the company are Patrik Frisk, and Kevin Plank is chairman and CEO of the firm. Keep reading the article and find out what’s the net worth of this successful company.

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Kevin Plank founded the American company Under Armour in 1996. The first head office of the company was in his grandmother’s basement, where he started to fulfill his dream to make one of the most significant companies.

At the college, Kevin was a successful football player and used to play for the college team. While playing, he started to notice that his t-shirt is soaked with sweats and the sticky feeling was not pleasant for him. At that moment, Plank decided to make better t-shirts which will have moisture-wicking fabrics. In that time, he was only 23 years old, and afterward, he graduated from the University of Maryland. After the graduating, Kevin got an idea to make a t-shirt with microfibers which will keep players dry and cool while playing. Usually, simple ideas will give the best results, and that’s precisely what happened with Kevin’s dream.

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The first milestone for the Under Armour was in 1999 when the company Warner Brothers offered them to create outfits for the films Oliver Stone’s Any Given Sunday and The Replacements. Afterward, the achievements were happening. The company made outfits for the XFL football league and also made sketch shoes for the athlete of Winter Olympics in 2014.

The collections started to be more prominent as they launched leggings, hoodies, sportswear, casual clothes, protective gear, charging sports shoes, and many more.

This company also got various awards like Brand of the Year in the Footwear News Achievement Award. In 2014 they won the Marketer of the Year award.

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Under Armour Net Worth 2024

Under Armour at the moment has a lot of different products and they are one of the most popular brands. So it’s no wonder that the net worth of the company is $5 billion for 2024.