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UberHaxorNova Net Worth 2024

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This man is a popular commentator, comedian, and gamer from America. He is very popular at the moment, and his career started as he was a member of ’TheCreatureHub’. In this crew, he was playing games and lots of other entertainment stuff. He has the channel ’NovaPiperBomb’ and he is co-owner of the channel ’CowChop’. UberHaxorNova’s channel has more than 3 million subscribers. If you want to find out more about his net worth in 2024 just continue reading this article.

Early Life

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He was born on June 1, 1990, and raised in Lancaster, PA, as a James Richard Wilson, Jr.

We do not know where he finished school, we only know that he was very young when he was starting his career. He is a businessman from the teenager period of life and he made himself a millionaire very quickly.

His family lives in Littleton, Colorado, and he has a dog named Ein. The reports say that he is not dating at the moment with someone. He has two more nicknames, ’PragonNova’ and ’AnalShipment’.


At the beginning of his career path, he lived with his mother and a dog and he was working at the Twizzlers Factory. After that period of his life, he was starting his YouTube career.

Eleven years ago he made his first YouTube channel and began posting videos that were named Machinima. On this channel, there were also Let’s Play Videos of all kinds of games. The development of the channel goes by returning to posting videos about Machinima Respawn with his commentaries. These videos were followed by a solo playthrough of the Dead Rising 2. Later he made a multiplayer with Sp00nerism of the Dead Rising 2. The public loved this kind of videos and he started to create multiplayer videos. He becomes a part of the Creatures crew, and he made videos with other Machinima video makers and commentators. The introduction in his videos was from the video game trilogy ’Mass Effect’.

Some of the uploaded games on his channel are ’Super Mario Maker’, ’Life is Strange: Out of Time’, and ’The Hat’. ’The Forest’, ’The You Testament’, ’The Sims 4’, and ’Infamous First Light’ are video games you can also find on his YouTube channel, but they have not released yet.

UberHaxorNova has played many games on his YouTube channel such as ’Killzone 3’, ’Homefront’, ’Sumotori Dreams’, ’Happy Wheels’, ’Infamous 2 Evil’, ’Nightmare House 2’, ’Until Dawn’, and ’Minecraft’.

Awards & Achievements

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This gamer has not got any awards from the YouTube or gaming society. His greatest achievement is 3 million subscribers on the YouTube channel. He is a part of many gaming crews and is a finalist for the Short Award.

UberHaxorNova Net Worth 2024

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His net worth is estimated at around $4 million, and his all income comes from YouTube. He has posted so many videos about Machinima and played so many games in videos. ’NovaPipeBomb’ is his channel, where he is playing video games of WWE. He made his first YouTube channel in April 2008. ’Bunny Bust’, Bunny Bust II’, and ’Hershel’s Land Finale’ are his work because he is also a writer and actor.

He is the most popular YouTube commentators in the world at the moment, and he is a regular guest in videos of other YouTube stars. He was a part of PewDiePie’s videos. He played Sonic Ball with other YouTube stars, showed up in films. He even wrote for the movies. In July 2014, he accepted to be part of the charity named ’A Precious Child’ where celebrities colored their hairs and bears. He bleached his beard in blonde and colored his hair in pink. He decided to make a statement with that hair color for the good cause, and help children.