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Tweefing: Joe Buddens vs Jenna Shea & Elke The Stallion

Joe Buddens is beefing with some new video vixens on Twitter but he wasn’t dating them he was just trying to smash. It’s no surprise to any one that vixen Jenna Shea was selling the box to who ever is cutting a check but who knew her rate was only $300.. Joe Buddens took her up on her rate and kicked her out of his Miami hotel after he wasn’t pleased with her services. From there they been beefing on Twitter and Jenna tagged in her vixen friend Elke The Stallion. You can read the rest below..

“@ElkeTheStalli on: Ugh, Joe Budden is like a pest, he keeps poppin’ up… go away!!!! Nobody worried bout u and yo twitter fame.. #1hitWonder”

“@ElkeTheStalli on: Go pay yo child support and stop trying to f@ck every model in the game… seriously, like 7 and counting… #FAIL”

“@ElkeTheStalli on: #PUNK #PEST #PEASANT f@ck it…. call it what it is… kiss my #PHAT ASS!!!”

“@iamjennashea: @ElkeTheStallion he tried to f$ck u too? He used to call me and ask Wat I was wearing #loser *somaya said he.can’t #pumpitup”

“@iamjennashea: “@ElkeTheStallio n: @iamjennashea LMAO…. girl, of course, u already know. SMH”- every1 who wants u wants me n vice versa #booty”

“@ElkeTheStalli on: @iamjennashea true that, but he wants whoever is da top urban vixen at da time… LMAO”

“@iamjennashea: @ElkeTheStallion not true his models b bartenders!”

“@iamjennashea: Not the same @JoeBudden who called me on end asking if I’m wearing boyshorts tho at 5am #creeplife”

“@iamjennashea: Not the same @JoeBudden who beats b***es and miscarried his own child tho!!”

“@iamjennashea: Not the same @JoeBudden that I gave his number Kat stacks tho”

“@iamjennashea: Not the same @joebudden who preforms on dirty couches for a show tho #fuckouttahere”

“@iamjennashea: Not the same @joebudden who can’t get his di** up according to @Somaya_Reece tho!!”

“@iamjennashea: @JoeBudden ya Damn right ALL YA BOYS PAY ME RT THAT”

“@iamjennashea: @JoeBudden HAHA! U WANTED THIS PU$$Y b*** late night on the phone phone ass mark”

“@iamjennashea: I don’t do sh1t for free Joey keep tweeting u making me more $$$ u did exactly Wat I wanted u to do ”

“@iamjennashea: @joebudden just made me sum $$ lol no shame in my Sh*t small brain small penis lol”

“@iamjennashea: @JoeBudden aye crookedi don’t think its infested #slaughterhouse!!!”

“@iamjennashea: Also I charge more than 300 check my site datejennashea.com”

“@iamjennashea: I clock Atleast 5 racks a day if ya b**** don’t she a bum I’m bout that life tho!!”

Jenna Shea


Elke The Stallion