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Syahrini Zaelani Net Worth 2024

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Syahrini is an Indonesian singer and actress who got famous across the whole country and beyond. Syahrini is living and working in Indonesia but often travels around the world due to her work. However, her work is mostly set up in Asia, as the majority of her fans are located there. Syahrini is very popular in Indonesia, and she is often called ”Beyonce of Indonesia.”

Life and career

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Adored Indonesian star was born on August 1st, 1982, in Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia. Syahrini comes from a large family, and she grew up in a small community where she had a careless childhood. However, Syahrini showed her talent for music and performance while she was still a child, and her parents noticed that and decided to something about it. Thanks to them, Syahrini are now one of the most famous stars in Indonesia.

Despite her talent and desire to perform, Syahrini still finished her school and even graduated from the University of Bogor in West Java, where she studied law.

Syahrini’s road to fame was filled with thorns. However, it is a road to definite success. The young singer had to face many challenges while she was at the beginning of her career, such as being an independent solo performer. Also, she was involved in a controversy regarding corruption against specific medical equipment in 2011. Together with Aura Kasih and Jennifer Dunn, Syahrini was accused but soon released because of the lack of evidence. Later it was shown that significant role in the controversy belonged to Tubagus Chaeri Wardana. However, Syahrini stayed wise and patient, and she remained silent about this case, and she stayed focused on her music career.

Despite some obstacles in her career, Syahrini managed to succeed in her career, and she has become a role model for many young girls in Indonesia.

Music career

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Syahrini’s career started in the 2000s. However, she released her first album called ”My Lovely” in 2008. It became a huge hit, therefore, Syahrini released several albums during the next couple of years, such as ”I’m Not Ordinary” in 2011.

Between years, Syahrini released several singles that turned all into major hits in Indonesia. Following ”Lying” from 2008, and ”My Lovely” in the same year, everyone knew lyrics of these songs and sing them even today.

Syahrini later joined her talent with Anang Hermansyah and they released a single ”Don’t Choose Me” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2010. The song hit the top in several music charts and became a huge hit. Their second single was called ”Last Love” and was released in the same year as the first one. Both achieved the same success. However, shortly after Syahrini released her second album ”I’m Not Ordinary” her collaboration with Anang Hermansyah came to an end due to their issues. However, Syahrini is immensely popular in Indonesia, and her career was not damaged by it. Syahrini decided to continue her solo career, and she did it successfully, with the single ”You Who Choose Me” in 2011. Her younger sister, Aisyah Rani, wrote a song for her.

After that, Syahrini released a Ramadan – themed song ”Taubatlah Taubat” in 2011, during the month of Ramadan, and gained sympathies from the fans across the country.

At the SCTV Awards in 2011, Syahrini won the awards for ”Most Popular Singer” and ”Most Inbox Female Singers.” Also, Syahrini was named the ”Trendmaker 2011 Artist” because of her innovative and daring style and the remarkable phrase ”Alhamdulillah yes, something really” that was repeated in youth circles across Indonesia. Syahrini is a trendsetter and influencer, and she uses her media presence and music to show up to the youth and send a message of encouragement.

Moreover, Syahrini also had her role models, and it served her to improve her music style. Her primary influence outside of Indonesia is Beyonce, whom she adores and admires. Also, Syahrini often looked upon Kim Kardashian and Rihanna when she needed some inspiration. In Indonesia, her primary motivation is Tata Young and a star Krisdayanti.

Syahrini is famous for her modern style and her sophisticated taste in fashion. In one of the interviews, Syahrini mentioned how her fashion icon remained Jackie Kennedy, and how her style strongly influences her.

Film career

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Syahrini released few soundtracks for movies ”Coklat Stroberi” in 2007, and ”The Stare of Love” in the same year. After being in the film industry for a while, Syahrini decided to give it a try and show her acting talent. As follows, she appeared in the film ”The Thief Kuburans” released in 2009. However, after the release of the movie, Syahrini decided that her career path is music and she remained dedicated to it.

Personal life

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Syahrini is a newly married, and these days she spends more time with her family and husband, and she announced that she is taking a break from her music career. However, it is still unclear what she meant by it, and many are wondering if she will ever come back. On the other hand, her loyal fans are convinced that Syahrini is preparing something and that she will release a new song soon.

Syahrini married a wealthy entrepreneur Reino Barack, in a joint ceremony in Japan this year. Syahrini had a beautiful wedding dress, and the wedding was magical. The service was exclusive, and many famous people from Indonesia attended it.

Syahrini enjoys substantial social media popularity as well. She often posts pictures on her Instagram account, where she has over 30 million followers. These days, she regularly posts pictures with her husband, as they spend a lot of time together.

Syahrini Zaelani Net Worth 2024

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Syahrini is one of the biggest stars in Indonesia, and her net worth of $20 million proves that. Moreover, now when she joint her vows with an entrepreneur Reino Barack, we assume their net worth is even tripled. However, even without her husband’s wealth, Syahrini has enough money on her bank account, and if she continues her career, her net worth will multiply for sure.