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Hannah Lee Fowler Net Worth 2024

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Hannah Lee Fowler is an American – born medical nurse and fitness instructor mostly famous by being a wife of popular American country – pop musician Sam Hunt.

Personal life and work

Hannah Lee Flower is born on 27 October 1981 in Montevallo, Alabama. Hannah grew up in a large family with two brothers and three sisters. Her parents are Scott Fowler, who serves as a pastor in a local community, and Linda Flower, a housewife.

Hannah went to Evangel Christian School and graduated from college in 2006.

She works as a medical nurse. Also, it is known that Hannah is a big sports fan, and she enjoys fitness.

Hannah met the love of her life, great country singer Sam Hunt in 2008. During that time the couple had several short breakups, but they eventually found a way of being together.

Moreover, famous singer Sam Hun showed how much he loves Hannah by releasing his debut album called ”Montevallo” named after Hannah’s hometown. An interesting fact is that renowned singer never been to Montevallo before he met her, and the couple met in the last minute when Sam was heading to Nashville.

Sam’s album was a Grammy-nominated, and he says how Hannah is his primary source of inspiration, and we can tell that by his songs ”Make You Miss Me”, ”Break Up In a Small Town” and many more.

Hannah is a humanitarian worker, and she often travels to endangered places to volunteer. In one of her trips to Honduras, Sam joined her to spend more time with her and help her.

We can agree that Hannah is one lucky girl, as she found a love of her life.

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After the significant breakup, Hannah went to Hawaii, where she worked and served as a humanitarian.

As follows, Sam went there seven times to visit her, and every time he failed to convince her to return to him. However, his last visit was successful, and the couple got engaged in 2017.

In the same year, they had an intimate wedding ceremony in Methodist Church in Sam’s hometown Cedartown, Georgia.

The couple is sure proof that true love exists, and they can often be seen together in various events and ceremonies, always looking happy and in love.

According to the Internet sources, Hannah seems down to earth girl, and she is not involved in any scandal, nor she has major controversies connected with her name.

Her beloved husband, Sam Hunt is the same, he is a dedicated husband, and his life is mostly devoted to his music career.

Hannah Lee Fowler Net Worth 2024

The couple shares their fortune, which mostly comes from Sam’s music, and their net worth is $3 million.

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Hannah’s look and social media

No wonder why Sam Hunt loses his head for Hannah, and why she remained his number one inspiration for making music. Hannah looks astonishing, and she has a good figure. Being a fitness fan, Hannah trains regularly, and it is quite visible that she does. Apart from the physical look, Hannah is one pretty and natural brunette with brown eyes.

Although Hannah and Sam are often seen in public, she never posts anything online. Moreover, we can see that Sam Hunt has an Instagram account and he instead posts photos of her and them being together. Therefore, we think Hannah doesn’t have any public social media profile.