Home News Superhead is engaged to Darius McCrary a.k.a Eddie Winsloe

Superhead is engaged to Darius McCrary a.k.a Eddie Winsloe

She is Engaged to Eddie Winsloe from family matters, she said it today on the ed lover show ….

According to one of MEDIATAKEUOT.com’s loyal readers actor Darius McCrary (who played Eddie Winslow on the hit show Family Matters) may be engaged to Superhead. Here’s what the reader had to say:

I live in Los Angeles, California and I happen to be in the local area when I found out that [Superhead] was having a book signing for her new book Diaries of a Video Vixen which was supposed to start at 7:00pm in Lemiert Park on Crenshaw, but she got there around 7:30pm.

She was very sweet – not rude or stuck-up. Very natural beauty but she arrived there with 2 bodyguards and a mystery guest which was no other than child star Eddie Winslow from Family Matters. He stood there like a normal citizen they kept exchanging eye contact and smiles and I saw her beautiful ring. I asked [her if] was she in love, among the other questions, and she said, “yes, very deeply” and smiled towards him. It was a small book signing but that’s because it wasn’t publicized.

We all know media take is half truth and half lies but this came from the horses mouth.To keep you update to date on eddie he played the voice of Jazz on transformers and he is a actor on the Christian channel.Quote From Steve Erkel, “Eddie Whats Wrong With You…….” She will be at Motions this Friday,Ask her your self.

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