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Robert Downey Jr Net Worth 2024

Robert Downey Jr is an American actor, now famous all around the world by its role as a charismatic Tony Stark in the popular Marvel sequels Iron Man. Today he is known as the highest-paid actor in Hollywood. His net worth for the year 2024 is $260 million.

Early life and Career

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Robert Downey Jr is born on April 4, 1965, in New York and he comes from a talented family of filmmakers and actors. Therefore, it is logical that he choose acting as his life call. He started his career as a child in his father movie Pound (1970).

Unfortunately, as his father was a drug addict, young Robert followed his path and became an addict too in teenager years. However, he found a way to overcome it and dedicated himself to acting. He had a though journey until he became what he is today, an acknowledged and world-known actor.

During the 90s he appeared in several movies, and his career started to prosper. He was nominated for the Best Actor award, for the cinema Chaplin in 1992.

However, the drug addiction followed him through the years, but today, Robert is hitting hard with the upcoming Marvel sequels Avengers. Apart from acting, he is interested in music and also has his own production house.


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Robert is one of Hollywood movie stars that like to have multiple mansions and brand new sports car. Regarding that, he is not much different from the charming multimillionaire scientist guy Tony Stark aka Iron Man. We believe he didn’t have much trouble to get into the character.

He has several full – equipped mansions in California, such as one in Malibu which cost him around $13.8 million. After that, he has bought another two properties in Venice Beach and gave approximately $8 million for both. Moreover, it seems like he wants to have unusual things. Therefore, his latest feature is a 19th-century windmill mansion in Hamptons, New York, that cost him a small fortune, but that’s nothing compared to his title as the highest-paid actor in Hollywood.

Furthermore, Robert Downey Jr certainly likes cars, and even more than that, he loves to collect them. As follows, he has cars such as Porche, Bentley, Boss 302 Mustang from the 70s, Audi A8 and RS7, a quite modest Lamborghini worth only $450,000 and many more.

Robert Downey Jr Net Worth 2024

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As turbulent as it can be, Robert Downey Jr went from a drug addict teenager to the highest-paid actor in Hollywood, and his success is measured with his net worth growth over the years.

When he started with his first serious projects, his net worth was around $50, 000. After the first Iron Man movie (200A8), things began to change. Since the movie broke all the records, his incomes rapidly increased, and only from 2008 to 2009 his net worth reached $10 million. In combination with Avengers and Iron Man sequels, he made it to the $100 million net worth following the year of 2013. In 2015 he reached the status of a highest-paid actor in Hollywood, and today his net worth is estimated to be $260 million, and we believe it will only keep growing.