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Prince William Net Worth 2024

When a member of the royal family is in question, we can freely say that they have been born in wealth and abundant lifestyles and that they really have everything they want. There have been many speculations about how much money they have and where all that money comes from. As far as Prince William is concerned, he is very well off, and we will now try to figure out what are the sources of his wealth.

Just to make it clear, Prince William is currently estimated to be about 40 million USD worth.

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Trust fund

The Queen mother was alive until 1994 until her tragic death that the entire world witnessed and mourned. During her lifetime, she has made a trust fund for her great-grandchildren so that they would have some money from her when she dies. The estimate is that the trust fund had about 89 million USD and that it was divided among all of her great-grandchildren. According to the sources, William and Harry got about 17.9 million USD. However, it needs to be pointed out that the majority of the money will go to Harry since William would earn and have much more by the fact that he would be a king one day.

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Princess Diana

Even though Diana was not a member of the royal family all her life, she has earned a lot of money from the divorce from Prince Charles as well as from the organizations and enterprises that she has had after she got divorced from him. She earned a lot and after a tragic car accident, people were wondering how much money William and Harry would get as inheritance from their mother. First of all, we need to point out that the testament gave them their money when each one of them turned 30, and t is estimated that William got about 12.75 million USD. This is not al. William and Harry also got some of the priceless jewelry that she had as well as the crown that she wore during her wedding.

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Military salary

It is a custom in the royal family for the men to go to military schools and to receive military salaries. First of all, it should be mentioned that Prince William became the part of the regiment called Household Cavalry in the Blues and Royals, this happened in 2006. After this, he was a plot at RAF Search and Rescue Force.it should be noted that there is an estimate that perceived a salary of 68K USD, but that it was later on increased to 75K USD.

He was in the military until 2013. It should be also mentioned that William also had a civil job and that it included him working as a civilian pilot for East Anglian Air Ambulance. He was an ambulance pilot, to be more precise. However, he now decided not to take his salary of 62K USD, but he decided that this year amount would be donated to various charities that he supported.

When his current job is concerned, well, we should point out that he is a royal with a full-time position.

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Other sources

At this point, Prince of Wales is a person who always gets a part of the income from the Duchy of Cornwall. To be more precise, we are talking about 53K hectares of land that is distributed in 23 various counties. It should be noted that these estates are in a long tradition in the British Crown since their creation goes back to 1337 and King Edward II who created this so that a future king, i.e. his son, would have estates that would support the British family and generate an income of their own. According to the rule, these estates go to the eldest son and heir to the throne.

When the incomes of the Duchy itself are concerned, it should be said that there are internal financial documents that gave the amount of 27.4 million USD as a profit which was received by King Charles from these estates. It should be noted that Prince Charles does not keep all it for himself since the money is decided among the members of the royal family, various organizations and charities.

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