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How to Play and Win in Slots: Ultimate Guide

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The main goal of this article is to dispel the misconceptions caused by possible strategies that may guarantee your success with 100% probability, which various “experts” try to offer and sell. We will entirely focus on the facts and aspects that can help you evaluate your chances in slots. So, let’s give pokies one more chance!

How do slot machines work?

All virtual slot machines are based on the work of a random number generator (RNG). This software generates numbers, which define the position of the reels after the next spin. You have to know that the outcome depends on chance, and there is no way to predict it. You also need to know that each subsequent rotation is an independent process: the result of spins is in no way dependent on either the previous spin or the next one.

The last unpleasant fact is that the online slots either on WinterMoolah or somewhere else are configured in the way that their owners have a mathematical superiority over the players. Our task today is to ensure that the gamblers can save as much of their bankroll as possible and increase the possibility to hit the maximum win.

In fact, people often lose all their money deposited because of their blind game, which doesn’t apply any systematic approach. On the contrary, people adhering to a systemic play, often manage to keep a huge part of the bankroll for a long time, which allows them to increase the possibility of hitting a jackpot.

How to Manage Your Bankroll?

First of all, we need to consider the amount of the bankroll. These are funds that you can spend on games. You don’t buy food, clothes or pay bills with this money. Lovers of slots should know that the outcome often depends on the size of the bets. Those who place smaller bets require less money, while for high-rollers this amount will be not enough.

The best advice one can give you is to bet only those cash that you can lose. The purpose of these sums is to use them only for the game, so in case of a large loss, the gambler loses the resources to play for a while, but can still pay his bills.

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What RTP to Choose?

Perhaps, you have decided on the bankroll and the amount of money that you are ready to spend on slot machines, then you need to decide on the slots. We recommend you to focus on the following:

  • An average RTP of 96-98% is considered a high return;
  • Games with a high level of variance make more chances to win a decent amount in one spin;
  • Similar slots can be found in almost all famous casinos.

We recommend you to focus on machines, which apply at least 96% RTP. If you want to go further, you can try even slots with other characteristics, but be prepared that it will cost you money.

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Why Consider Dispersion?

To play and win, you need not be afraid to take risks, but you need to do it smartly. On the one hand, there is nothing wrong with low dispersion games: you can also win in such machines, but you need to understand that there are no miracles, and such winnings will cost you a couple of bets. Most of the players will still prefer slots with high variance, they are more likely to give real money, and the game process will be carried out with great passion.

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How Much to Bet?

You have accumulated a good amount for your bankroll and decided on the slots, the next question is how much should you bet? We recommend you try to keep it to a minimum. Today, most slot machines are not tied to the maximum bet, that is, no matter how much you bet, the slot will behave in the same way.

What is important is the game on all lines. We recommend you to place as small bets as possible: whether you prefer to bet at $0.5 – do it, but we don’t recommend going further. With the high dispersion slots, your chances to win are higher even with small bets. Meanwhile, if you would like to increase your bet amount, remember that it will result in increasing your bankroll. Therefore, taking such a decision should be approached responsibly, and it is always worth calculating the possible expenses:

  • How much will you need for a couple of hours of play?
  • What amount can you lose?
  • How long does the losing session may take?
  • What is the frequency of issuing bonuses?

These and some other points you should always consider before you start playing. It is impossible to accurately predict the final result, all expenses, and income, but based on your previous experience, you can already count on an approximate scenario of the game.

When to Apply Stop Loss?

Each player determines this amount himself, but we recommend the following rule: it is worth risking no more than 10% of the bankroll amount in one session, or even less, moreover, this will allow you to significantly extend the playing time. For example, you have a bankroll of $2,000, for each game session you take $150-200 and bet $0.5. So, you have a good stock of bets, which would usually be enough for all unsuccessful spins, but suddenly you decided to try playing a very “greedy” slot. You start losing more and more until you lose the entire $200, which means it’s time to stop and finish the game this time.

Once you’ve decided on the amount of your stop loss, follow this rule – it will help you save a lot of money.

In Conclusion

You should always have a decent amount in your bankroll. The funds should be enough for at least a couple of thousand bets. All slots need to be carefully studied, familiarized with the rules, bonuses, RTP, and dispersion rate. You should also find out what advantages and disadvantages each particular slot has.

Then it is worth deciding on the amount for each session, based on the size of the bets and the average playing time. We advise you to invest no more than 5% of the total amount in one gaming session. Play for fun, and take your winnings as an additional bonus!