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Dealing with Slots Addiction on Your Own – 2024 Guide

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One Charles D. Fey created the Liberty Bell machine, which was the world’s first commercially successful slot machine, we are pretty sure he never anticipated quite how important his invention would end up being for gamblers all around the world. Slots in the 21st century are by far the most popular gambling avenues that people take, however this can also result in something far more negative.

Oh yes, whilst the majority of the slot gambling population enjoy nothing but great fun from these gambling games, there are always going to be a select few individuals who end up falling into the pitfall of addiction. It isn’t hard to do so either really because modern online slots are incredibly immersive games, so there is no wonder that gambling addictions are on the rise – visit Slotsbaby now.

What symptoms indicate that it is an addiction? Do they apply more often to help themselves or are they reported by others?

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People addicted to gambling usually very skilfully hide their problem or the problem they created, they become very good actors and manipulators, they hide their emotions, and they survive in a real storm that only they usually know about. So, it’s very hard to notice the problem at first, and the less you know the person the harder it will be to notice. The most common symptoms are different behavior than usual, thoughtfulness, ie. absence, disinterest, nervousness, impulsivity. When you call the phone do not answer immediately, when he answers he tries to finish the conversation as soon as possible, hides the phone and messages. People with a gambling problem usually skilfully conceal and make up for lost money, but in some cases, it is noticed that a person spends more money than usual. Sometimes when they don’t have money, people with a gambling problem sell personal belongings, starting with gold, telephones, and other techniques.

They leave these things or cars as a pledge and eventually do the same with their real estate. However, not everyone decides to take this step. The classic symptoms of gambling addiction are an increase in tolerance – a person invests more and more money than planned, spends more and more time on gambling or a story related to it (how to get money, who to return to, which teams to play, how to combine time to would go gambling without knowledge). Over time, a person loses interest in everything around them – from family to work or school, they often neglect personal hygiene. The consequences are beginning to be reflected on the psychological, social, physical, and economic levels. There is also a strong desire and need to continue gambling that they cannot control and are stronger than them, despite the awareness of the harmful consequences and the effect that this behaviour causes.

Read on for an article explaining how to deal with slot addiction on your own.

Pick up some new hobbies

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One of the main reasons why people end up succumbing to online slots, addiction is simply because they do not have any other hobbies to keep them busy. If the only hobby you enjoy doing is spinning those reels then things are bound to go wrong eventually, and when they do you won’t have any other activities left to keep you occupied.

For this reason, picking up some new hobbies is one of the best ways in which gamblers can deal with potential or full-blown slots addiction. So, pick up that tennis racquet or guitar, and get playing and learning some new hobbies, it could make all of the difference!

Make a very strict budget

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This is something that not nearly enough slot gamblers take seriously these days. However, it is incredibly important for slot gamblers to set very strict budgets before they start gambling, or else the consequences can be horrific. This is true of casual slot gamblers, of course, however, it gets a whole lot more important to consider if you are a slot gambling addict.

For slots addicts there is very little that can stop you from keeping on spinning those reels, and this is where making a very strict budget comes in. You should portion off a segment of money purely for gambling purposes, but make it impossible for you to spend any more than this – some people even create dedicated gambling bank accounts.

Reach out to friends and family

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Okay, we know the title of this article is how to deal with slots addiction on your own, the truth is that it is very difficult to deal with any kind of addiction on your own, and friends and family are often your best point of call if you are struggling.

Do not hesitate to reach out to friends and family if you see yourself slipping into a slot addiction, if there is anyone that will be willing to help you it will be these people. This of course does not mean that family and friends should take on your debt, but rather help you find a solution. It’s usually an idea for extra work to be able to pay off debts.

Acknowledge your addiction

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Recognizing gambling problems is the first step in solving the same. In gamblers, certain changes in behavior are very often noticed, which you can notice yourself by honestly answering the following questions:

1. Do you need to invest a larger amount to achieve the desired excitement?

2. Does the very thought of quitting gambling bother you?

3. Have you ever tried unsuccessfully to control your propensity to gamble?

4. Do you constantly think about it, making plans on how to get the money you need to invest in the game?

5. Do you resort to gambling when you feel bad?

6. After losing all your money, do you still go to the casino to get it back?

7. Have you endangered your life by gambling in any way (family, work, friendship)?

8. Do you feel safe while gambling, knowing that you have certain people in your life who will help you in a bad financial situation?

If at least four answers are yes, it’s time to talk to a professional, because there’s a good chance you’ve developed a gambling addiction.