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Peter Paige Net Worth 2024

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Peter Paige is best known as the actor. He got the recognition by portraying  the character Emmett Honeycutt on the  TV show “Queer as Folk.”

Besides his acting career, he is a director and a screenwriter. His debut as director and writer was on the film Say Uncle. Working in New York for the national theater scene, he got involved in numerous critically-acclaimed theatrical productions.

Step by step, Peter has begun auditing for roles and become quite popular.

Read about his career, how much money he earns, and his relationships.


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The role that made Peter Paige famous among the broad audience is the character of Emmett Honeycutt on Showtime’s hit series “Queer as Folk“ which was broadcasted from 2000 to 2005.

It has all started with his first audition in Los Angeles where Paige earned a guest-starring role on “Suddenly Susan.” After that, the other roles followed.

Peter took part in other popular TV series such as “Will & Grace,“ “Time of Your Life,“ “Girlfriends,“ “Caroline in the City,“ “American Dad!,“ “Related,“ “Grey’s Anatomy,“ “The Closer,“ and “Without a Trace.“

Summer 2004 American actor spent starring in his feature directorial debut, “Say Uncle.“ The co-stars were also Kathy Najimy, Anthony Clark, Melanie Lynskey, Lisa Edelstein, and Gabrielle Union. He also starred in Don McKellar’s “Childstar“ alongside with Jennifer Jason Leigh and Dave Foley, the award-winning shorts “The Four of Us” and many more.

Peter Paige is an accomplished stage actor, too.  He has appeared at major regional theatres throughout the country, most notably in world premieres at La Jolla Playhouse, Portland Center Stage, and Playwrights Horizons. Every genre of the play is well known to this talented guy- from the Greeks to Shakespeare to contemporary American work. He performed in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,“ “The Rivals,“ “Secret Agents,“ “You’re a Good Man,“ “Charlie Brown,“ and “Pantophobia.”

In February 2013, Peter created a show named “The Fosters” alongside Bradley Bredeweg and produced by Jennifer Lopez. This show was picked by the ABC Family and was airing from June 2013. The series follows the lives of the Foster family, an interracial lesbian couple who are married and raising biological and adoptive children together.

Peter Paige Net Worth 2024

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Peter Paige has a very successful professional career. From his multiple professions, he earned a little treasure. Namely, it is estimated that Paige’s net worth is as high as 1.5 million dollars. This proves how successful he has been in his career.

Openly Gay

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Peter Paige has identified himself as an openly gay man in Hollywood. In addition, he has been the lead on a gay-centric TV show like “Queer as Folk” for a decade and a half.

However, Peter faced a lot of rejection because of his sexual orientation. In 2008 in the “Queerty” interview he opened up about all of the bad experiences that he had in life.

In the same interview, Peter revealed that his ex-boyfriend was a renowned actor who was still in the closet out of the fear of getting typecast.