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Corie Rayvon Net Worth 2024

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Corie Razvon is American YouTuber and Instagram sensation. She is primarily interested in makeup and fashion, so her YouTube channel contains tutorials, tips and tricks for better outfits, her daily make up routine. To keep her followers always entertained, she posts reactions, pranks, and challenges, too.

With Jilly Anais, a rising pop star, she has another channel as well as with her ex-boyfriend, Khalil Underwood, a popular recording artist, comedian, and internet sensation.

Corie is already popular on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, but her fame is yet to come. Find out what she does, her incomes and past relationships.

Internet Fame

Source: Instagram

With the dream to become an actress and model, Corie Rayvon moved to Los Angeles in 2015. However, she chose to start with social media.

As she is a good friend of pop singer Jilly Anais, they both launched a YouTube channel “Bestfriend Diaries” on 9th January 2016. They were posting about beauty and fashion but didn’t get many subscribers. However, they did have fun doing the challenges and pranks.

In May the same year, Corie decided to go with her solo channel. The first video was called “My Curly Hair Tutorial.” By now, she has accumulated over 475 subscribers who admire her luscious curl. Also, she was uploading videos of challenges, pranks, reactions, and storytimes.

At this time, Rayvon is no more interested in recording pranks and challenges. She is more active on Instagram and opened for collaborations.

During her relationship with popular recording artist, comedian, and internet sensation Khalil Underwood, from 2017 to 2018, she had a channel named “Khail and Corie.” They announced their break-up on this channel but also stated hey might come up with more projects in the future. They are also planning to create a gaming channel.

As we said, Corie Rayvon is building her Instagram celebrity career. She has around 780,000 followers. She is posting photos of herself showing the beautiful curvy body and the amazing curly hair.

Corie Rayvon Net Worth 2024

Source: Instagram

Corie’s incomes are mostly from Instagram promotions. As a model, she has modeled for Loungewear, done ads for Sugar Bear Hair and BrighterWhite teeth whitening and she is the brand ambassador for Icon Swim.

It is estimated that Corie Rayvon’s net worth could be from 100,000 to 1 million dollars.


Source: Instagram

Corie Rayvon Smith was born on 2nd July 1996, in Houston, Texas. Most of her family members are from Texas, except her mother, who is from California. She is of mixed descent and has black, white, and Hawaiian roots. When she was a kid, she had the nickname “Poopie” or “Poopie Doop.”

As a teenager, she wanted to become a pediatrician or a veterinary doctor. After the graduation from “Pearland High School,” Corie attended nursing school.

As she was growing up, the beautiful girl finds herself in an entertainment Instagram and YouTube world. The inspiration for her looks, makeup and fashion style comes from model Amber Rose and singers Zendaya, Beyoncé, and Rihanna.