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Museum Bar Atlanta Thursday Night Pictures & Review

The former church is now known as the Mueseum Bar and is the hot spot for Atlanta’s college 18+ crowd on Thursday nights. The parking around the restaurant/bar/lounge was $5.00 and I would advise you to pay to park then trying to be cheap and park two blocks away to save money and risk your car getting broke into.

A few ladies were complaining about the line not moving when I walked up I think it was free to get in and $10.00 to break the line. To college kids these days $10.00 is a lot to rush to get in the spot.

There are 3 levels to the Museum bar, the downstairs area was were every one was partying at and the 2nd level was for the 21+ but was empty. The 3rd floor of the spot was for if you were smoking they have a outdoor area that over looks the 85 highway.

Walking up and down those stairs is a work out and after a couple of drinks can be challenging. The Museum Bar over all has a house party vibe to it and the 2nd floor for the 21+ crowd looks like a plush lounge and has the potential to be a hot spot if promoted right. This was only the 3rd Thursday promoted and now that school is back in session looks like word of mouth on campus might be the spots biggest promoter. There were some promoters in the building checking out the spot seeing if it had potential so it might blow up shortly. My over all take on the spot was I would recommend it to a 18+ kid looking for something to due on a Thursday night in the downtown Atlanta location. If you were at the Museum Bar leave your reviews in the comment section.

The location is 181 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. SW Atlanta, GA 30312.