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Model Of The Moment Carriece Washington

Check out model Carriece Washington’s pictures and a brief interview inside.

I was born and raised on the East end of Richmond. I’m really into making my dreams come true. I’ve been modeling for 6yrs. Modeling has been a strong passion for me. I own a small business in the fan of Richmond “Tha Look for a Prissy Chic Boutique.” I am proud of what I do. I know what my future holds for me because I am a go-getter and I won’t stop until I feel I have done the things that fills the void in this modeling industry.

What do you look for in a man? I need a real gentleman who has a little co**iness to him, but not arrogant. He has to make me smile and feel good. Oh and funny too! LOL

Biggest turn on’s and turn off’s?

A big turn off is when a guy brags about what he’s got, that just makes me so sick. Also if he don’t have no swag that’s a turn off.

A turn on is when a guy has an amazing smile. When a man isn’t afraid to say how he feels about me.

Favorite toy? That’s hard to say…For the kid in me it has to be a pinball machine but on the other hand…That’s something I’ll leave for your imagination!!!! LOL

Measurements? 28FF 24 37

Favorite Quote? To understand me you have to be sure of yourself! Modeling is not a job it’s my hustle!

Who is your idol? Dorothy Dandrigde.

Favorite movie? I am a horror movie chic so anything that has zombies and vampires I am glued to it.

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